1. bete noir

    Bete Noir's Ibiza Mk2 GTI 1.8T Track Project

    I bought this from ReggieB on here, with a view to making it into a track toy. It had just over 100k on the clock, and looked like this: I very nearly bought one of these when they were new, but my children were young at the time, so we decided a Toledo Sport would be more practical, but...
  2. bete noir

    Bete Noir's Black Mk1 Leon Cupra R

    I bought this car from Empi5 in Jun '09. These are a couple of the pictures Phil sent me when he had the car for sale. When advertised, the car had 41k on the clock, and Empi5 had owned (and loved) it from new. The following mods were already in place: Revo Stage 2 Blueflame...
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