1. jonnyblease

    New MAF (Measured blocks now inside)

    Well my MAF has been playing up recently and the car keeps going into limp mode (very annoying and for some reason it only does this on the motorway!! Anyone any ideas why!!??). When Vag-commed it came up with a maf signal too low and engine running lean. The question is where can i get a...
  2. Blocks 032/033

    As stated in another thread I have an overfuelling problem with my car - I've done a log of blocks 032 and 033 and it's come out with this so thought I'd post it in the VagCom area: Friday 10 July 2009 22:10:25 1ML 906 032 1.8l R4/5VT 01 0001 Group A: '032...
  3. Seat Altea 2.0 Tdi Lack Of Power - Measuring blocks

    My 2.0 tdi (BKD engine) altea is running fine, average fuel consumption, but just isn't pulling as well as a friends standard 2.0 tdi (BKD engine) golf. Which are the appropriate measuring blocks to check for indicators of the cause(s) of poor performance?
  4. Mk2 Ibiza Measuring Blocks.

    I think I know my way round Measuring Blocks for the Mk3 / Mk4 Ibiza and the Leons. However, I haven't had time to get my head round the very basic info that you can get on the Mk2 8v. I don't even know if the 16v is different. Searches haven't really turned up very much. If anyone can help...
  5. Rough idle - which blocks should I log?

    The idle on my Ibiza Cupra 20vt dips down every now and then usually after taking it for a drive then stopping for a while. Stealer replaced MAF sensor but it hasn't made a difference and its now out of warranty. Can anyone give me some advice on which blocks I should log to check if the...
  6. problem with measuring blocks

    Hi, I have bought a vagcom interface but when I connect the car with laptop PC and run the engine measuring blocks I only have 22 measuring blocks, all others are empty. I have a licence program, and I do not even have 25 blocks as I should have in shareware version. So does my engine...
  7. maxcars1

    Which Blocks

    Want to look at my MAF tomorrow with VAg Com. Which tables should i look at on my TDI? Is there a procedure ie 4th gear 2k revs etc?
  8. VAG COM Measuring Blocks (word) (excel)
  9. What blocks ? very confused now

    ok im very confused now , after looking at posts there seems to be ppl saying different blocks for the same thing ??? My car is a 2001 Ibiza Cupra ECU code 6K0 906 032 AA What blocks are the CORRECT blocks to log for this car also is there a lable file for this ECU code Cheers Pickie
  10. GazM

    Engine measuring blocks

    I found a list of what each measuring block contains on the internet (albeit from a guy with a Passat but it looks pretty much the same as my LC), so I've messed around and recompiled it to try to make it easier to find which blocks contain the things you want. If anyone spots any mistakes...
  11. Georgie

    which blocks?

    i want to log my Tdi 130... which blocks do i need to be logging to get a guestimate on power.. boost and all that jazz.. ! cheers
  12. Putting my car on blocks

    Hi guys two quetsions for you. 1 - do you think i should get my oz alloys on my cupra R powered coated anthracite as they are starting to show a bit of lacqure coming off and think that this colour would suit them. 2 - if i was to take all my alloys off, where would be the best place...
  13. modules measuring blocks and adaptations

    Hello all, I have just spend hours auto scanning through all the modules on my 1.8T Cupra 2003. I have gone through all the measuring blocks and adaptations and have put them into a word document. Question is how do I attach a word document to this message? I cut and paste and it looks rubbish...
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