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  1. Ibiza cupra 1.4 gearbox

    Hi everyone new to this forum , I purchased my 2010 seat cupra Ibiza about 6 weeks or so ago . Going by the service history the dealer had the mechtronic replaced before it sold it . Been fine until yesterday when it was struggling from going from 2nd to 3rd if it eventually got up to 4th it was...
  2. Need help with “fault code: P189A clutch 1, clearance too small” on a DSG7 Leon FR 1.8 TSI

    Hi, I scanned my car with an OBDeleven and I got myself a fault code: P189A... clutch 1, clearance is too small”. The car drives like it’s always have and I don’t notice anything especially. So what I did was I erased the fault code with the OBDeleven, but the fault code comes back pretty...
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