1. K8VXT

    2014 Seat Leon Cupra 280 DSG 64k Miles

    Here is my Seat Leon Cupra 280 for sale! It’s currently being used so mileage will go up a bit. Price is negotiable, but please no stupid offers. The highlights: ✅Seat Leon Cupra 280 DSG ✅64,500 miles ✅Full Service history by Seat - has had a DSG oil change! ✅2 owners prior to me ✅Changed...
  2. Burger Tuning JB1 for MQB/ Ea888 gen 3 TFSI golf R / cupra/ audi S3

    burger tuning JB1 plug in performance upgrade for the MQB platform 2.0 TFSI vehicles, Golf R / Leon Cupra / Audi S3, Comes with brand new data cable which allows you to connect to your phone r laptop to change map settings or customise the tune. can post for cost
  3. K8VXT

    Rough/"Misfire" Idle

    Hi Guys:wave: I am having some problems with a rough misfire sort of idle (Seat Cupra 280 DSG 2014) So first thing I did was ran codes on the car, 2 errors were stores and but they did not chuck an EML light. - P006800 MAP / MAF - Throttle Position Correlation - P227900 Passive/Abiogenesis...
  4. Selling a JB4 EA888 Gen3 MQB

    I am selling my JB4 kit for VW, AUDI og SEAT, VW, AUDI, SEAT, EA888 Gen3 MQB motor (Mk7 Golf R/GTI, S3, Cupra) It has only been installed one time - USB data cable included. More info here: https://progressiveparts.com/bm-jb4-vag-tuning-box-for-ea888-gen3-mqb-mk7-golf-gti-s3-8v-tts-mk3-cupra...
  5. Leon 2.0TSI 190bhp Engine

    Hey guys I've just placed my order for a Leon 2.0TSI 190BHP DSG and just wondered if anyone knew of any information on the engine? As I'd heard it's a detuned Golf GTI engine, but don't know if it's simply a de-tune or if the Turbo is different/smaller etc? Just heard it was an EA888 Gen 3.
  6. Jazzjames

    1.8 TSI motor hesitant just after cold start.

    Hi all, My first post here on the forum. Great place, cool community it seems. So I've owned my mk3 Leon 1.8 TSI for a few months now, and I've noticed that when I drive the car when it's completely cold, it doesn't seem to like light throttle openings, giving inconsistent power. Sometimes...
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