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  1. finishing touches.

    Hi all, iv nearly got my leon fr the way I want it now, got the sound system and head unit in, the bodykit on, 19" wheels and lowerd eibach and koni suspension now i just want the rear wheels to sit more towards the edge of the arch using some spacers. Can I use the spacers designed for a...
  2. Finishing touches for mods?

    HI All well on its way is the BF exhaust system and the Forge FMIC (hopefully if that group buy ever gets off the ground lol) anyway been reading across the Ibiza forums, and some of the guys go for the bigger injectors and the larger maf? what are the reasons for the larger injectors...
  3. jetsetjimbo

    Finishing a smoothed airbox

    Having bought a TT airbox I set about trying to smooth it. I've finished removing the mould lines / blades that run across the airbox. As you can see resut is somewhat less than smooth. It is in fairness difficult to completely smooth it without spending an age sanding though. A few...
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