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  1. S10EAT

    PD150 Leon FR - S3 Intercooler FMIC fitment project

    I'll be posting up a few details soon on how I recently faired with installing an S3 (8P) intercooler to my 2005 Seat Leon Fr PD150. Having had an almost identical car in the past and forked out over £500 for a darkside developments modified one I wanted to see really how difficult it was to...
  2. Bendubiard_

    Fmic and pipework

    Looking for a fmic and pipe work for a auq, preferably 2.5” and something that means i havent gotta lose my fogs ! Cheers
  3. LCR FMIC questions

    Hi all, Been looking at fmics for my LCR BAM 225 as I'm planning to go straight to stage 2 once all this lockdown business is over. Being high mileage (150k+) and not wanting to ditch out a fortune, my end goals for this car are in the region of 280-300 bhp. I've seen a couple Airtec FMICs...
  4. Bendubiard_

    Fmic help !

    Hi guys, been looking into getting a fmic for my leon cupra whilst i got this time off for the lockdown and ive been looking at a few universal kits on ebay but they all seem to have the dodgy looking pipes coming out the sides of the intercooler that just look gross when fitted cause you lose...
  5. badbill_uk

    Badbill_UK's hybrid Mk4 Ibiza FR

    Hi, My car is a black magic 2007 ibiza FR 1.9TDi I have donw quite a few mods already. Mods so Far: Seat Sport Strutt Brace Whiteline rear ARB pipercross cone air filter and cupra air intake EGR diaabled Cupra rear wishbone bushes and power flex front wishbone bushes Koni STR.T...
  6. My Platinum Grey LCR, deposit taken (SOLD)

    Well here it goes bought the leon a little over 3 monhs ago now so its ime for a thread bought it with 21 k on the clock, When i bought her she was totally sandard so quite alot has happend and alot of money spent over he last few months Mods so far are Car Tinted head ligh protectors...
  7. jasengine

    PD150 FMIC on to 110?

    Has anyone fitted a PD150 FMIC on to an AHF or ALH? Iv'e just got a used 2006 Golf FMIC off ebay for £20!! only thing wrong with it was one of the lower mount pegs had been snapped off! I know I will have to make up custom pipework and brakets, that doesn't worry me. But it would be nice...
  8. Mr_Dave

    Mr_Dave's Ovni Yellow LCR

    Everything below and up to page 20 is old - the Ibiza was sadly written off in Jan 2009. The continuation of the thread and ownership of my Ovni Yellow Leon Cupra R is from here http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=156679&page=20 ------------------------- Picked her up on the 31st...
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