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  1. Back in the game

    Some of you may know i sold my ibiza :( just before xmas to move on to a new project. Well due to a turn of events ive had a change of heart and after not been able to find anyfink that press the right buttons apart from another mk2 im back in the game and will be looking for a new ibiza at the...
  2. water leak driver's side - game on

    Hi Guys, Right so I've stripped out the wipers amd scuttle plate aned cleaned as much as I can in the area where water drains from under the scuttle panel in to the wing. Flushed area with water and had no leak over bonnet pull in car but a new leak at rear of pedals - not too worried about...
  3. ibiza_95

    Lets play a game... Guess the weight of my car :)

    Went to a weigh bridge earlier to weigh my car... so how much do you think it weighed? Closest gets a small rock MK2 SEAT Ibiza Cupra Sport 1.8 20VT Conversion Nitrous No rear seats Rear roll cage Bucket seats up front MK3 Cupra alloys GooooooooOOoo
  4. Hunnie79

    Who fancies a game of 20 questions?

    Rumour mill starting again because it's a week or so before BTCC starts again (and I'm avoiding a VAT return). What do you know? Harry V in new team...more to that than meets the eye I reckon;)
  5. Syphon

    Forza Motorsport - All game info and discussions in here

    Due to be released in October this year. The official site is now up with loads of info, screenshots, videos etc. http://forzamotorsport.net/en-us/game/default.htm Looks great. :) Scott
  6. New to this detailing game help

    Hi im a keen car enthusiast and love looking after my care, after coming across that £5000 valet on youtube, i was intrigued as this surely can be done at home.. Quick search on Google showed me sites like finer details.. not looking for there services just a helping hand in which products...
  7. ZBOYD

    Top Gear Mag & SEAT Sport test Race : Computer Game

    In the Top Gear Awards magazine, that came out yesterday. They have a good article where they have compared the new RACE:WTCC Computer game, in a real world sense. They used Brands Hatch circuit, with the BTCC Leon and JP, and compared its times and performance on the real track against the...
  8. ZBOYD

    BTCC Charity Football Game, Sunday 29th October

    Chesham United’s The Meadow ground at Chesham, nr. Hemel Hempstead, on Sunday, 29 October, kick off at 1pm. More details here http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?p=1123568#post1123568 A certain SEAT team boss will be in goal for the BTCC Wanderers side, as well as Jason Plato...
  9. Daz8161

    fuel efficiency is the game, the stake-empty wallet!

    hey guys i just noticed that im only getting around 275 miles before the light comes on in my 1.6 16v leon so bout 350 for a tank, is that poor? I thought my car should of been getting abit more miles :( should i be worried because i dont really drive it all that quick just the odd tap of the go...
  10. paradyne

    playing the waiting game...

    I just ordered a 2.0TDI Sport in Lluvia blue, along with the MP3 option, xenon's, auto dim mirror and rain pack. Now I just have to wait approx 12 weeks to get it! Dealer was surprised I wanted the xenon's as nobody had ordered those through them before!? I was also surprised to hear that...
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