leon or toledo

  1. TerrificToledo

    Strut brace for leon/toledo

    Hey, i'm after a front upper strut brace for my toledo 1.9tdi , I read somewhere that it's the same size as the old audi A3 strut brace. Is this true? Because i know someone who's selling just the thing.. Thanks
  2. BJM

    Leon/Toledo front wings?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if the Mk1 Leon and Mk2 Leon-a-like Toledo use the same front wings? Part numbers would also be good. Thanks.
  3. fokusicar

    Leon/Toledo water leak in interiour

    Hi Chaps! Any help regarding water leaks in the interieur of the LEON/TOLEDO Chassis? I have a friend who has water on the driver (Left hand drive) side, and behind the driver and passenger seats! Please help if You can, I would really like to help them! Thanks in advance!
  4. Leon/Toledo HID Headlamp Guide/FAQ

    After a little chat with m0rk about the number of HID related enquiries recently it has been agreed to create a single resource on the subject. I will start it off and get as much as I can think about down and then help will be needed :p Here we go Leon/Toledo HID Guide/FAQ What are HIDs...

    LOOKING FOR CHEAP 41600 Miles Service For Seat Leon/toledo 1.8 20vt 2003 Model

    Hi all, Does anyone know where i can get a cheap service within the seat dealership group. My local st-dealers at sidcup want £330 but i think its a bit too steep. I live in london and im willing to travel. i could do the whole thing on my own for peanuts but the car is still in warrantee...
  6. paul geraghty

    Attention Leon/Toledo Owners Who Want A Horizontal Slated Debadge Grill

    Found one made by mattig whilst lookin for a few bits online and found a horizontally slated grill thought may interest a few folks...

    Cambers Adjustment On Leon/toledo

    Just had my car lowered 30mm (eibachs) at ELITE autos in essex yesterday on standard shocks. the techie guy told me that the cambers on my toledo 1.8se 20v are not adjustable. is this true or was he telling me porkies. [:@] but my car still pulls a bit to the left??? help :confused:
  8. Stu B

    Leon/Toledo roof bars interchangable?

    Dont know where to put this...... But do Toledo Roof Bars fit the Leon?? and visa versa//// Part number 1m5071126 - Toldeo & 1m6071126 for the leon//
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