1. Insurance companies not listing K1's for 2009 models?

    Trying to insure my K1 and I have noticed that none of the insurance companies have the K1 listed as a 2009 model. Tell them that the car is a 2008 and they all have it. Anyone know why this is? They still list the non bodykit cupra but why not the k1? Emailed SEAT UK about this and they were...
  2. Listing contacts with bluetooth kit

    Hi All, I'm making progress with my bluetooth kit now - although the dealer hasn't quite managed to send the manual through (anyone got a pdf?). I got the 6680 to connect but no contacts transferred. Got a 6230i on ebay and that connects and transfers OK. It doesn't seem to deal with...
  3. Pabs

    Seat Leon Useful Part Numbers listing for Modifications

    Mods - I didnt really know where to put this but as it is Leon oriented I put it here - if it is wrong please move it to your desired location. I have made a list of lots of common modifications and part numbers - that way it can be used as a reference...
  4. ibizacupra

    Thatcham listing for MK3 Cupra?

    I know its been posted before... many many moons ago. The ibiza cupra is thatcham type listed is'nt it? Anyone remember which listing related to cupra? TE2-1122/0899 or TE2-1212/0301 ? TSD.. Transponder Software lock suitable for Diesels presuming its the first one... :confused:
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