1. Gravesie-363

    Gravesie LCR Progress Thread - Back on the road ! :) 29/12/2012

    Story goes, picked her up tuesday just gone . . . 55 Plate 42,000 miles FSH Tested till November Blah Blah Blah . . . Bought it from SG Petch in Darlington for a price i couldnt refuse! Im a mechanic so i had a look around it on Wednesday after work and found a couple of goodies on...
  2. R953 VSE

    Anyone have delta mics spacers?

    Ordered a pair of delta mics 15mm rear spacers for the cupra. went to fit them tonight but the bore that fits over the spigot on the hub is too shallow and the spacer doesnt go far enough on to sit up againt the hub! anyone had this problem? might take them into work and see if i can get them...
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