progressive parts

  1. paddy6789

    Progressive Parts Event - Rolling Road Sunday 17th November

    Progressive Parts are hosting a rolling road event on 17th November. Here is the main thread with all of the information:
  2. adogillo

    Monsoon Grey 290

    After having my 290 for coming up to 3 weeks, I've been pretty busy... First came the res delete, which like others have said, "this is how it should have sounded, out of the factory" Then quickly followed by 034 Motorsport upper and lower hybrid dog bone mounts. And then: Intake Hose Turbo...
  3. PP BennyC

    Hello from PP

    Hey all, Been lurking a while but finally making use of an account and hopefully supporting the team at! Progressive Parts is now live in the trade area @ should you want to post something directly too us. Look...
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