1. Seat Leon Cupra 1.8t 20 valve intermittent coolant leak at front drivers side.

    I have just resurrected my Seat Cupra 1.8 20 valve turbo. It’s been sat for a year but moved every few weeks and tyres kept inflated. It went for an MOT and failed on the emissions so I replaced the cat and lambda sensors bank 1 and 2. It then passed the MOT (happy days!). I’ve been driving it...
  2. Rocky Rocastle

    Help required with overboost issue PLLLZZZZ! 01/07 New Map, things looking up?

    Hi guys I briefly brought this problem up a week or so back but I wanted to see if we had rectified it but no such luck. I'll go from the top as the full story i hope will help. Basically prior to getting my car mapped, it would 80% of the time boost and hold 11/12psi but i had terrible...
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