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  1. SalSheikh

    Magazine shoot

    Guys, for any of you that read the Golf+ mag, my Leon is featured in a charity shoot that was held. You cant miss it ;)
  2. Rich666

    MK3 Photo shoot + Type R and Focus ST

    Here are some pics that i took of my old Cupra MKIII and my mates civic type R, Focus ST and Astra during a thrash up to the Lake district. The pics are from early this year but i think they've turned out well. All were shot on a rather cheap Cannon SLR (but with a very decent lens) See what...
  3. JamJay

    My Latest LCR Shoot - Disused Warehouse

    With the recession and all, business are closing and photo loctaions are cropping up...
  4. Adz The Rat

    VAG Shoot

    Had a mini VAG shoot this week wi some mates, here are the pics of mine:
  5. NickT

    Fabia query, don't shoot!

    Just fitted my rear Fabia wiper and well pleased, £17 well spent. However I did notice that the Fabia estate wiper arm doesn't appear to have the splined insert the OEM arm that I removed has, is this correct?
  6. Adam R

    Amature 'photo shoot'

    just a couple of pictures from my camera, its nothing special
  7. Joah

    Ibiza + Clio Photo shoot

    Me and a friend who owns a 172 decided to take advantage of the weather and the fact that both cars had been cleaned to take some photos of them together, these are also the first pictures of the car I've taken since I have had it. Think they have turned out ok. [B)] Please feel free to...
  8. dan__smith

    5hr Photo Shoot

    Friend of mine got his new toy for his bday and wanted to take pics. In my opinion he's got damn good talent! Few shots today from the New Forest and Poole Quay. Hope you like :) Monkeh got in! The Ride....and the Rider! The ride and the rider again...
  9. Czechboy

    GTI night shoot

    Hello you all, I thought that I'd post up some pictures of my pride and joy. Over the Xmas period, I have treated my car to some coilovers and got the windows professionally tinted (cheers Santa, your the best). I'm no photographer, so the photos I took during the day were so crap, I decided...
  10. Big_Lad

    Sunday Afternoon Shoot...

    Myself and Darren went to take some photos this afternoon, theres over 40, let us know what you think? Sunday Afternoon Shoot
  11. Club Calendar Photo Shoot

    Not sure how much this would be of interest to the club, but I am a member of another car club (mr2roc.org). We are currently discussing a club calendar that I am thinking of trying to organise. It will be along the lines of 1 different car, girl & location for each month. We dont have...
  12. ZBOYD

    Leon BTCC Studio Photo shoot.

    The team have had their official photos done, some great pics. [B)] Added them to the gallery, you can download them if you wish for wallpapers. SEAT PHOTO SHOOT Not long now. Brands Hatch Media day tomorrow, so expect more news.
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