1. JB!

    Stub Axle Spacers

    right. at the mo i'm running 30mm rear spacers and the back end looks just right with standard wheels. problem is, i wanna run wheels that are ET44 and 8.5j I intend to get 20mm and 30mm thick adaptors made for them, but this means the rears will tuck in, rather than getting silly size...
  2. Stub Axel Spacers?

    Can you get them for our Ibizas? The ford boys tend to use them on fiesta's, so they step the whole rear drum out, which puts less stress on the bearings.
  3. ArosaRacer

    Wee mans Arosa Track day project working again Thanks Grandad !!!

    At 6pm the arosa had its first drive all gears working Clutch adjusted lights working !!!!!! All i need to finish it are 1) Windscreen 2) Roll cage 3) Two front tyres :funk: Thanks m0rk, Stu, And My Grandad !:clap::clap:
  4. C11PRA DC

    Urgent help please!!! Stub Axle Oil Seal

    Hi all, After some urgent help as I'am now in the Sh*t!!!! Has anyone got a part No for the metal Oil Seal that press's onto the Rear Stub Axle (covering the stub axle bolts) before installing the disk/bearings!!!! Local stealer can't help as their systems down and the VW dealer needs a part...
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