Strange electrical issues

Nov 5, 2023
Hi all,

I have a 2008 Altea 1.9TDI. My blower stopped working, I've removed and cleaned the blower motor and tested it and it works fine. I've changed the blower resistor. I've changed the climate control unit, still a no go. I signed up the the digital Haynes manual and there are no schematics and I can't see any reference to the blower in the fuse/relay list in it so I'm totally shooting in the dark. I have checked all of the fuses and they all seem fine.

Also when I first got the car, the rear passenger door would'nt unlock electrically and weirdly after a small journey last night, the car decided the passenger door lock would stop working too (electrically). I think I'm I'm going to name this car 'Christine' :D

I just found a post in this forum noting that the plug/connector above the blower that feeds its power can be an issue so I've followed the cables back from the motor and found two connectors, one which looks like the main power feed by the gauge of the wires and another smaller connector (that has a blue/white wire on it). Both lead to the blower resistor connector. I've tried waving my fist at it, also a no go.

So far, other than an airbag light on I'm not seeing any other electrical problems. Does any of that ring any bells with anyone familiar with this kind of car? Ideas are very welcome.

Thanks in advance
Jan 30, 2024
Hi. Is there any update to your electrical issues? Solved any?
I'm Wayne, new member. I have just purchased a 2004 Toledo 1.8 20v. And it has some issues. But I'm interested if you solved your climate unit.
Mine has no power, fuse checked and changed. It wasn't until I was out driving and put car in reverse, it came on!! I now defrost car in drive with car in reverse before I can drive off lol.
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