Welcome to one of the largest online SEAT communities. We hope you enjoy using SEATCupra.net.

SEATCupra.net was founded in the summer of 2001 as a hobby by a group of like-minded enthusiastic SEAT owners. The aim of which was to provide an in-depth and knowledgeable discussion forum for fellow SEAT enthusiasts to both exchange information and ideas about all SEAT vehicles.

Despite us being big fans of the CUPRA, that much is obvious given our name, we are open and welcoming to all SEAT owners and anyone with a shared interest in motoring as a community interested in all motoring based subjects.

A decade of growth

For well over a decade now, the community has continued to grow and has become one of the largest and most popular SEAT motoring related forums anywhere on the web. Currently there are more than 16000 ‘active’ members populating the SEATCupra.net forum with an average of 80,000 page views per day, it constantly evolves to bring you the very latest news, information and insight from all aspects involving the world of SEAT.

Many SEAT specific product reviews and features are all discussed on the forum, across all areas of interest from general ownership, to performance modifications and styling. There are often community organised events, shows and local meets.  Our aim for the forum has always been as an important resource to be used for the open sharing of advice and knowledge but there is always room for fun and banter!

As the SEATCupra.net forum community has grown over the years many close and lasting friendships have been formed as a result, it has a great community spirit amongst its members that is second to none.

We always strive to bring the most factual information possible to our regularly updated news website.  We are often invited to attend official SEAT press launches and gain access to special SEAT events, and speak with senior SEAT staff to bring the very latest and informative content from the SEAT grapevine.

In 2013 SEATCupra.net was chosen by SEAT S.A. to act as representative for all UK based SEAT fans alongside some of the best European SEAT fan blogs and communities. We were invited to take part in one of the companies Google hangouts where we were able to field questions directly to their senior design and engineering team which was held live during the launch of the SEAT Leon ST at the Frankfurt motor show.

With the help of many expert contributors, our knowledge base is full of the most useful information, and the forum itself is a gold mine of information for old and new SEAT owners alike. If you search on practically any SEAT related subject technical or otherwise, your almost certain to find useful information.

SEAT Community Hub

We have always seen our forum and our other online resources as a means for the SEAT community to organise and promote the brand we enjoy.

We encourage the community and all its forum members to use this resource as a hub to organise regular events, such as community meets, shows, exhibitions, drag runs and rolling road days. The community attend many of the major annual VW Group shows such as GTI International, VW Festival, Ultimate Dubs etc.

Many of our members continue to organise national and local meets during the year which are expanding all the time, such as UK circuit track day events, driving trips to Le Mans 24Hr and even the world famous Nurburgring in Germany.

SEAT Motoring and Motor Sport

SEAT have increasingly taken an active interest in our activities and the community as a whole, and do occasionally involve themselves directly with the forum community, the SEAT UK press department have contributed to the forum. The UK SEAT dealer network and their personnel from sales and technical are actively involving themselves on a regular basis too.

From 2003 to the end of 2008 with the generous assistance of SEAT and several UK racing circuits, we were able to secure special in-field access to most national race circuits.  Supporting the high profile SEAT Sport UK British Touring Car team and the supporting series which included the SEAT Cupra Championship Leon R Supercopa’s.

On these occasions we often saw our forum members display up to and over 50 SEAT cars parked together at each meeting, helping to promote the brand.

Sadly SEAT UK have since pulled out of national UK motor sport for the foreseeable future, however we still follow with interest any future developments from SEAT Sport.

‘FREE’ membership for all and no subscriptions…ever!

This site and it’s community are entirely ’FREE’ and the discussion forum is free to register to also. The only financial support we receive is via our selected advertising sponsors who generously provide us the means to pay for our server hosting costs, and further towards our continued development of the forum and website.  We do however remain a totally independent group, with control over all aspects of our direction and content.

The aim of SEATCupra.net has always been, to be run as a non profit making SEAT enthusiasts website and remain the hobby we started it as. 100% of the funding we receive is channelled straight back into supporting the continued growth of the website and forum. Every member of the managing team who own and manage the site are enthusiastic volunteers, no one ever profits from it’s funds except the community. It continues to be managed by enthusiasts for its enthusiasts and always without subscription.

Sponsors of the forum may on occasion offer special collective group buys for selected products or offer special discounts, saving members lots of money.  There also SEAT dealers offering discounts on both parts and servicing.

So please come and join us today for FREE by registering yourself as a member of our community on the forum and get involved.

SEATCupra.net Team