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External Metallic finish copper sticker (black background)

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Product Details

These general purpose SEATCUPRA.NET stickers feature a metallic finish in the CUPRA copper colour with a black background. They are medium sticky, UV resistant and waterproof. Good for up to one year outside.


Colour: Text in metallic CUPRA copper, amber dot on a black background

Dimensions 150mm x 12.9mm

Adhesive: Medium

Durability: Waterproof, UV resistant, scratch resistant, resistant to oils and chemicals, freezer safe, suitable for 1 year outdoors. Not dishwasher safe.

Material: Metallic PET, clear gloss overlaminate.

Quantity: 1

Fitting guide

1 - Peel off the backing

Carefully peel off the backing.

2 - Affix sticker
Stick the sticker to your surface of choice.
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