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SEATCUPRA.NET "Static cling" Reusable Window Sticker

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Fit this reusable SEATCUPRA.NET sticker to the inside of your car windows to show you are proud member of the #1 SEAT and CUPRA Community.


Dimensions: 181mm x 27mm

Adhesive: This material has no adhesive as such, but does cling to windows and glass effectively using its static energy. The sticker can be stuck on the printed or non printed side, and will stay stuck until removed

The sticker is reusable.

Fitting guide

1 - Clean the glass

Clean the glass surface where you intend to apply the static cling sticker.

2 - Spray the glass
Apply a light spray of water onto the clean glass surface.

3 - Place sticker
Place your sticker on the printed side against the glass (facing outwards, so it can be read correctly from the outside) on to the glass and position in place.

4 - Squeeze out the water

Use a credit card or flat surface to squeegee out the water. Finally dab the area dry with a clean dry cloth.

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