CUPRA’s first all-electric car renamed to CUPRA Born – due in 2021 with 310-mile range

CUPRA’s first 100% electric model confirmed and will be available with a subscription model. CUPRA Tavascan still waiting in the wings.

The SEAT el-Born is no more, the CUPRA el-Born is no more, welcome the CUPRA Born.

CUPRA celebrated its third-year anniversary today and revealed the renamed the CUPRA el-Born and showed the car “in the metal” for the first time.

“CUPRA has surprised everyone in these three years and has even continued to grow during the pandemic. These great results make us optimistic to push harder in 2021; this year we’re looking to double the sales volume of 2020 and reach a mix of 10 per cent of the company’s total volume.”

CUPRA President Wayne Griffith

Since its creation in 2018, CUPRA has sold 65,000 units and growing at a double-digit rate. Following the launch of a new product range, CUPRA has accelerated its growth and in January 2021 became the fastest growing brand as well as achieved its second consecutive monthly sales record.

This success was driven by the introduction of the Formentor, the first vehicle designed by CUPRA, for CUPRA. Today the line-up was expanded with a new five-cylinder petrol engine, the CUPRA Formentor VZ5, a limited edition model with 390PS of which 7,000 units will be produced (all left hand drive).

Electrification is the future of CUPRA

Electrification will be the key to CUPRA’s growth in 2021. During the press conference it was confirmed that the production model of CUPRA’s first all-electric model would be CUPRA Born. The name comes from the fashionable Barcelona district that inspired its creation and is set to continue the company’s transformation.

“The CUPRA Born will be a game-changer in the electric market with its stimulating design and instantaneous performance. This vehicle will contribute to reducing global CO2 emissions and meeting European targets. With this car we intend to contribute to the electrification of Spain and the world through its emotional sportiness, and we want the next generation of young challengers to be part of this transformation. That’s why this vehicle will also be offered under subscription contracts, with a monthly fee that will include the use of the vehicle and other related services.”

CUPRA President Wayne Griffith

To respond to the demands of the new generation of drivers and to ensure a more efficient and sustainable sales model for the brand, CUPRA will introduce a new distribution strategy, reinforcing the retailer network’s online presence.

Additionally, the brand will increase its high street visibility by opening a City Garage Store in Munich (second half of 2021), alongside those already in Mexico City, Hamburg and Barcelona.

With its 310 miles (500km) of range and contemporary design, the CUPRA Born will go into production at the Zwickau plant in Germany starting in the second half of the year.

CUPRA have previously also stated that a more powerful version of the car will follow at a later date, presumably in 2022/23.

The CUPRA Tavascan got a mention that it is still CUPRA’s desire to bring it to market. However, it’s still not 100% confirmed.

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I'm interested if doesn't have any of the problems the ID3 has had! I'm looking forward to seeing it in the metal, and in some respects it's a good thing that it's going to come later in the year to do so.
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