CUPRA Born – our first drive video review

First UK Drive of the CUPRA Born, one of us hasn't driven an all electric car before and one owns two.

Finally, we’ve driven the CUPRA Born, we had a day with the car at the UK press launch (a big thank you to the team at CUPRA for their hospitality). @m0rk has some thoughts he’s putting into words which we’ll add to this page when they are ready.

But for now, check out the video below. We’ll have the car in for a full week for a full review very soon, watch this space.

Someone pointed out the colour is Vapor Grey (not Quasar) as I say in the video.

Enjoy and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Update: Our full written review of the CUPRA Born V3 is now live

Some pictures from the day.


Started with nowt and still have most of it left.
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Dec 26, 2013
I suppose it’s a good attempt at an all electric car but I’m still not sure. Especially your comments around “doesn’t feel like a hot hatch”, feel like Cupra could have done better but maybe the e-boost sorts that. Plus Cupra not taking the opportunity to light up the heater/volume controls and going touch sensitive has gave me concerns, but as I’ve always said when an EV can get me 300+ miles then I’ll probably have one. Trouble is getting that sort of mileage cost big bucks. Should have made @m0rk wear a SeatCupra.Net shirt ;);)
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