Splitters Fitting a MK1 Leon CUPRA R splitter to a Mk3 Leon CUPRA (pre-facelift)

This guide is for MK3 owners who want to fit an MK1 Leon Cupra R splitter. This guide was done on my CUPRA but it should apply to FRs as well. The splitter should fit other MK3 Leons, but I can't confirm you will get exactly the same fit as the bumper is different.

Parts list
  • MK1 Leon Cupra R Splitter - Part number: 1ML805903 (cost around £45 at the time of writing)
  • 20x 1" self-tapping screws (got mine from my dealer)
  • Hacksaw (to cut down the middle struts)
  • Sandpaper (to smooth afterward)
  • Masking tape (to hold the splitter in place when working)
  • Screwdriver (powered if possible)
  • Some cardboard or something soft to lie on when working under the car
  • Drill with a small drill bit (for pre-drilling the holes)
General tips before you start
Ideally, this is a two-person job, but I managed it on my own, although it would have been much easier with someone to hold the splitter whilst I attached it.

Also, handle the splitter carefully. It marks easily as I found out with the handle of the hacksaw.


1. Get your parts ready. Some people have jacked up the car for this, but I managed it without needing to.


2. You need to trim down two center vertical struts so they don't push against the bumper. Otherwise, it will push the splitter down and look terrible (and you won't be able to fit it on very easily either).

I did this by guessing, as it was difficult to measure and hold things in place. In the end, I did it lower than I needed to and they don't touch the bumper at all. This isn't an issue as you can't really see them anyway. If you had more patience and skills you could probably get them trimmed flush and at the correct angle if you wanted to.

You'll also want to sand them down afterward ideally.


3. Pre-drill the holes where the screws will be going in. This makes it much easier to fit them from underneath.


4. Once you have the splitter prepared, line up the middle of the car with the vertical struts you have trimmed down. I found two honeycomb holes in the grill that helped me to line it up by eye. I put some masking tape in the middle to help as well.

lining up.jpg

5. Attaching the bumper in roughly the right place was tricky on my own, but the masking tape just helped hold it loosely as a guide. What I wanted to do was get one screw in the right place and then work from there.

6. I started in the middle and then worked outwards. This way you can curve the corners of the splitter around the curve of the bumper. I started on one side and got two screws near the center. The splitter was set up just so the lip along the top was out of sight, so enough of the splitter was visible to look good and give me the curve I would need.

screwed in.jpg

7. Other people who have done this have had to cut the small end pieces to get them to fit. I managed to get them to hook in just next to the small mini flaps that sit in front of the wheel arch.


8. As you have worked around both sides just double check all the screws are tight enough.


9. Step back and admire your work. Probably best go for a drive to make sure it doesn't fall off.



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