Infotainment system How to set the Speed Limiter

Reading the manual on how to operate the speed limiter throws up a curve ball, as in it wont work, but I did some fiddling and this is how I got the limiter to activate. I used these steps.

First of all with the car running push the selector button on the turn signal stalk.

That will bring up the following message in the DIS "lane assist" (soz for the poor quality).

Use the thumb wheel on the right hand side of the steering wheel and scroll to ACC/limiter.
Limiter.. (2).jpg

If the ACC is not activated you will have to activate it first by selecting the ACC switch on the left hand side thumb wheel on the steering wheel. Note the ACC is not activated on the DIS. Note: If you try activating Limiter first it will throw up a message stating system not active, hence the ACC must be activated first.

ACC activated in the DIS.

Now using the thumb wheel on the right hand side of the steering wheel scroll to Limiter and select ok. It will deselect the ACC and activate the Limiter.

Now the Limiter is activated you use the Set/Res (-/+ 1mph) and -/+ (-/+ 5mph) buttons on the left hand side of the steering wheel to the speed limit required.

NOTE: the car can be stationary to set it up but must be moving to set the speed. Bit of a faff I know but if any member knows of an easier then please contribute to this post.
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Thanks for taking the time to write this guide.

I don’t understand why they’ve made it so complicated to activate the speed limiter. I read the manual in advance of my test drive and I couldn’t get it to work, therefore I will try following your instructions in a few months once I have taken delivery of mine!
Thanks for the guide :)
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