1. deepfr99

    Number Plate Light Flickering / Rear Camera intermittent

    So, Got out of my car last night and noticed my left side number plate light is flickering? It seems to stay solid and then flicker, then back to solid and so on. I've also had problems with my reversing camera sometimes just not appearing, get a black screen... i'm starting to think they...
  2. Ibiza Cupra Mk5 IS38 or LM440 IS20

    Hi, My first post here. Been a long time lurker reading this forum for quite some time. Sorry if there is a thread for this already, I did not find direct answers :) I am running a Ibiza Cupra 2016 with Revo stage 2 in Finland. Milltek full exhaust, Wagner comp IC and Racingline intake kit. I...
  3. Mk3 leon 1.8 DSG vs Manual

    Im in the market to get a 1.8 leon but im unsure on which gearbox to get/stay away from. Which can hold more power/torque and how are the clutches in each one?
  4. 2009 FL 1.8 TSI 118kw Automatic

    Hello there, I am thinking of buying 2'nd gen Leon. I was thinking about getting one with 1.8 TSI 118kw combined with automatic gearbox. Pros/Cons? Would love to hear about the problems and experiences you had, espacially if it was with the gearbox, because I'm concerned about DSG7 gearbox in...
  5. j.owen

    1.8TSI Clutch Warranty

    Hi guys, I remember the thread on here last year regarding clutch slip and warranty related work on the 1.8TSI Cupra... I've recently started to notice my clutch is slipping, I was just wondering how you guys (or anyone else) got on with SEAT regarding the warranty? I know that the clutch is...
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