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Number Plate Light Flickering / Rear Camera intermittent

Nov 13, 2019

Got out of my car last night and noticed my left side number plate light is flickering? It seems to stay solid and then flicker, then back to solid and so on.

I've also had problems with my reversing camera sometimes just not appearing, get a black screen... i'm starting to think they might be related seeing as the camera is mounted onto the left side number plate light?

I've had the car since October 2019 approved used from SEAT (14 reg)... not sure if it's worth booking it in or if anyone has any ideas?

Any help appreciated, cheers
Nov 13, 2019
I've attached some images of how it's setup - i've not taken any before but just noticed the middle section?? Probably where the camera was originally placed? No idea why it's off to the side now but it's been like that since I bought the car?


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Jun 10, 2019
Thats definately a 3rd party camera as seat oem ones dont have the 4 leds iirc

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