1. Central locking/key fob problems

    Hello all, I’ve just bought a 2009 1.4tsi leon. The remote fob won’t lock or unlock the car. I have to use the key manually. The red light flashes on my fob so there doesn’t seem to be issues with that. I’ve tried ‘synchronising’ the key according to the manual, no luck with that either. I’ve...
  2. Pd105 Leon turbo gone (BXE)

    Went for a steady remap earlier on today which took my car to about 135/140 bhp by a highly respected tuner in my area and as I pulled off of the street I have it some in first and second and car went in limp mode followed by a cloud of blue smoke turned car off and waited for it to be...
  3. Kaiju

    Clutch pedal dropped to the floor - Help

    Hi This morning as I went to start the car (need to press the clutch pedal) it just immediately slammed to the floor. I brought it back up again with my hand and it stayed there but then as soon as I pressed it again, it's almost like it had a spring and went back to the floor again. Does...
  4. MrDGOrman

    Audio systems Double din conversion tutorial

    Hello everyone. There has been plenty of these on forums (id imagine) but I never really understood half the things people did when doing their conversion (modifying a single din console to fit a double din headunit). Now this can be a difficult and time consuming mod, so if anyone wants this...
  5. fawcett

    Paint code

    Is there a way i can find out my paint code at all, ive checked the boot and the sticker has been removed that contains the paint code and ive checked all other areas like the side of pillars and under the bonnet would be great if someone could help as i need to order some paint tonight
  6. Top mount cup sitting high?

    (cupra 180) what have i done wrong here? surely this cant be how they are meant to sit? recently installed Stance+ coilovers and thought id install powerflex top mounts at the same time.. the cup is sitting on top of the bushing rather than inside like i assume its meant to? thanks for any help...
  7. SeatleonMK2FR

    Seat leon mk2 tweeter issue

    Hey! I’ve got a seat leon mk2 FR 2007. went to change tweeters in the door and they look like this.... (see picture) any advice on How to change them? The black rivets are where the bolts are supposed to be..I’m unsure how to change these to bolts or even how to remove them? Any help is appreciated
  8. Bumpers Video Guide - Rear Bumper Removal

    Hello everyone! I have made a video of disassembly of the rear bumper on a Seat Leon 5F Hope you enjoy it.
  9. Lighting Video Guide - Rear Light Removal

    Hello everyone! I have made a video of disassembly of the rear light on a Seat Leon 5F Hope you enjoy it.
  10. Lighting Video Guide - Front Light Removal

    Hello everyone! I have made a video of disassembly of the front LED light on a Seat Leon 5F Hope you enjoy it.
  11. Bumpers Video guide - Front Bumper Removal

    Hello everyone! I have made a video of disassembly of the front bumper on a Seat Leon 5F Hope you enjoy it.
  12. Lozzy15

    Lighting Fitting new Indicators in Wingmirrors

    The following is the steps I took to replace the indicators in my wing mirrors. In this case I have used Dynamic Indicators but the following steps are the same for Stock as well. Firstly turn you mirror in to face the car (I found It was also better if I pointed down as well) Picture taken...
  13. Lozzy15

    Body Panels Exterior Trim removal - front doors

    Shuffle46 asked: "I have had a stone flick up and crack the trim by the front passenger door . Got a part to replace it but not sure on how to remove it.. anybody help? Thanks" Community answer: If you go to this links page https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/links-page.449766/...
  14. General maintenance Drive Profile Settings Guide

    After googling and messing with the drive profile on my DSG Cupra to figure out exactly what everything does, I came across quite alot of conflicting information, just thought this would be helpful to people. The most confusing setting is the 'ENGINE' setting, you can choose between...
  15. Leon FR (2020) Air conditioning fault?

    Hi guys, Recently picked up my new Leon (FR 1.5 TSI 150 2020) and I can't figure out if there is an issue or it's just me missing something... Basically, if I set different temperatures in different climates, either in auto or manual, the car seems to have a mind of its own and pump hot one...
  16. mc funbot

    Engine bay N249 Bypass - A complete guide

    hey guys and gals after having a slight debate over the way to do an n249 bypass this is how i would do it,i like to know your views on it.i see alot of people only doing half a job.a random guy with a 1.8t leon agreed to let me do this.it had a cat back exhaust an a air filter.this took me 25...
  17. Syphon

    Over 80 new high-quality photos of the MK4 CUPRA Leon added

    ST and hatchback (PHEV) pictures added to the MK4 CUPRA Leon media gallery
  18. Syphon

    2020 MK4 CUPRA Leon detail and driving videos

    Five door hatch PHEV Just processing the ST - to follow
  19. Calum98

    Water in LED Headlights (DRL not working)

    Good morning, I have a Leon 2016 Technology FR with LED lights. I've noticed before condensation forming inside of my headlights, nothing too major though until the other night during some bad flooding, both headlights had water inside and my front right headlight stopped working completeley...
  20. Rain - Leon Cupra REACTS

    Rain - Leon Cupra REACTS

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