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  1. demonikx

    Need Help! ESC Button Retrofit

    Hello, My friend have Leon FR SC 2017 He Want to do retrofit ESC Button. I saw the Elsa Scheme and i not clear understand it. We currently have this items 5F0927143 WHS - ESP Button 000979009ЕА x 2 pcs 000979046E - ABS Module cable Can any one point us for any report how to do it.
  2. Remove cupholders in mk3 Leon?

    Hi everyone, I've put down a deposit to buy a 2017 mk 3 1.8 TSI Leon ST, which is pretty exciting. There is however a problem! Having a nice coffee sat in the car in the morning on the way to work is one of my favourite indulgences, but the cupholders in the Leon are tiny and don't fit my...
  3. Woody_72

    Brake system A guide to replacing the rear pads and discs (272 mm) on a Mk. 3 Leon with independent rear suspensi

    A guide to replacing the rear pads and discs (272 mm) on a Mk. 3 Leon with independent rear suspension: The only difficult bit about this job is removing the caliper carrier bolts. The factory tightening spec is 66 ft/lbs plus 90 degrees which is very tight indeed. If the fasteners are rusty...
  4. Syphon

    SEAT Leon MK3 flexible boot liner (fits five door and SC)

    Between cars so putting this load liner up for sale. I paid £50 for it with a discount. A few marks as to be expected. £25 collection only please from North Somerset. [email protected] Scott
  5. Wistle noise after DPF delete...

    Hi guys, This is my second thread on here (woo!) I need some information & that's why I am posting here. Last time I did & got tons of help! I am hoping for same again! 😃 Here we go. So 3 days ago I got my DPF removed (physically) and today I got the car mapped out at a tuning place. They did...
  6. Looster

    Advice needed

    Hi all, First proper post, so hopefully this is the right place for this. It was a beautiful Tuesday evening. The sun was shining and I had just beaten a GTI who was battling for first place when merging into a single carriageway. The car was making some beautiful noises as I manoeuvred around...
  7. VAGsport Resonator Delete

    Just wondering if anyone knows whether the version 1 of the VAGsport res delete will fit to a cupra 290, as i’ve bought that version however i’ve seen on other forums that version 1 only fits to 280’s? Bare in mind I only found out that info after i’d bought the part.
  8. Jimbobcook

    General maintenance Replacing the tailgate latch

    So a few days ago my boot latch started making some rather funky noises and then suddenly wouldn't lock the boot. The noise sounded exactly like this (not my video) So I ordered a new part from eBay with the part number 1P0827505A9B9 but always best to use the number from your old latch to make...
  9. Legojon

    Servicing Jacking the front & oil+filter change guide

    Getting started: It's your cars birthday. And what do cars love more than cake? That's right oil! So first let's assemble the tools you'll need. As well as a jack, axle stands and wheel chocks (or house bricks) you'll need: Something to catch the oil! Newspaper to avoid messing up your...
  10. simmytt

    Audio systems Step by step speaker change

    Tools needed, flat screwdriver, torx bit 20 phillips screwdriver, wire snips (sharp scissors) electrical tape. hacksaw. Parts needed, 16.5cm speakers, autoleads sak-3103 adaptors. 1st, put a flat bladed screwdriver in the slot at approx 7 o'clock, put a bit of card behind to protect door panel...
  11. Legojon

    Dashcams Dash cam fitting guide

    I realise this isn't the most difficult thing in the world to do. But with fitting charges from £30-£120 I decided to save some cash and give this a go myself. I chose the Nextbase 512GW for several reasons: I wanted the option to record speed It had to be removable so it didn't get stolen on...
  12. AndrewJB

    GPS and satnav Guide to updating RNS310 Firmware

    After doing this to mine i have decided to write a simple guide for it, Please note I am not to be help responsible if you break your RNS310. This guide updates the firmware on the device it will not update the maps! This guide is only for the RNS310, Not the RNS315,RNS510,RNS810 or any of the...
  13. DEAN0

    Coding and programming VCDS - How To Guides - MK3 Leon - Facelift - Virtual Cockpit

    Just thought I would post up the VCDS mods that I know work on the Facelift Leon with Virtual Cockpit. For reference - These were all proven on a Leon Cupra 300 sc - MY18 - Virtual Cockpit For reference - I use a genuine Rosstech Hex-CAN cable with the latest VCDS software. Display Drive...
  14. Lozzy15

    General maintenance General Links

    Links to helpful bits of info on this and other sites Battery Types and what they mean https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/battery-completely-dead.439948/#post-4737776 and how to code a new one http://forum.obdeleven.com/thread/2041/battery-replacement How to upgrade you boot struts...
  15. Lozzy15

    General maintenance Cupra 280 2014 Main Control Panel Removal

    The purpose of this manual is to show you how you can remove the central console and then remove the switches out of the unit to enable work to be carried out. I will update over time to show how i fitted a stop start memory module (I need to run a 12v power feed to the back so on hold for a...
  16. Lozzy15

    Bumpers Cupra/Leon 280 (2014) rear bumper removal

    I was in the process of fitting a new rear diffuser to the car and it became obvious that i would have to remove the bumper to do this. I took a few photos and the rest is wordy but hopefully it will help you if you have to take off yours. HEADS UP - to remove the rear bumper you have to...
  17. Lozzy15

    Brake system Fitting Audi RS3 Brake ducts to Cupra 280

    Purpose of the Brake ducts is to direct airflow from the front of the car onto the Brake Disks so that if you are doing a lot of braking or track work it helps to keep the brakes at a better temp. I have just been told some of the smaller brake systems may have issues with fowling on the...
  18. Lozzy15

    Braces and struts Fitting strut brace to MK3 Leon - without removing scuttle tray

    Hi Guys & Gals, Today I fitted a strut brace to my Leon. It was real easy to do and took around 15 - 20 minutes. You don't need major mechanical skills to do this, just some tools. The tools I used were: 13mm sockets, 3/8 ratchet, 1/4 inch ratchet, a 1/4 inch driver and a 13mm spanner. Torque...
  19. Lozzy15

    Body Panels Removing exterior door trim

    How to remove exterior door trim
  20. Lozzy15

    Engine bay Oil Catch Can Fitting Guide - 1.4Tsi MK3 Leon

    Hi guys and gals, Just a quick guide today - how to fit a oil catch can for your engine. This is very simple and virtually anyone can do this with minimal tools. If you're wondering whether to bother fitting a catch can, google will explain much better than me, but essentially it helps capture...
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