1. Seat Leon MK2 2010 Facelift Oil Leak

    Hi I have a Seat Leon MK2 FR CR, I was driving last week and the engine oil preassure light came on, so i stopped and first checked the oil which seemed pretty low and topped it up. This managed to get rid of the light. However a few days later I started to see oil underneath my car so I got...
  2. Air Intake for k03/k04

    I have seen a lot of air intakes, however, what is the most common one that is best for the 2.0 tsi, seen some people mentioning revo, ramair (budget option), etc.
  3. Instructions for replacing door latch mechanisms?

    Hi all I'm having door latch issues and the fault is currently affecting front and rear door on one side and occasionally the drivers door. I have bought replacement door latch mechanisms for all three doors but am having trouble finding instructions on the process to follow to replace the...
  4. TwentyFourMamba

    Suspension help (first car)

    Hi I recently just got my first car and I’m delighted with it but it came with Eibach sportlines uninstalled and it’s currently on cheap coilovers that need to be removed asap so my question is would the Eibach sportlines be okay with say bilstein b4 sport shocks ? I can’t afford the b8s or...
  5. iammooks

    Can't switch off front fogs - is there a light switch fix...?

    I've been having some intermittent problems with my front fogs turning on when I've got my lights on. It's definitely an issue with the light switch, as I used to be able to get them to turn off if I pushed on the switch. Now though, when I push on the switch, the fogs will go out, but as soon...
  6. Leon 2.0TDI Gearbox Oil Change

    Hi all, I'm going to be changing the oil of the gearbox in my Seat Leon 184 2.0TDI with the 6-speed manual box. I can't seem to find a definitive answer on which oil I should be using. I know the capacity is between 2.1-2.3L. Some advice regarding which oil I should be using would be ideal, I...
  7. Seat Leon 2013 LED passenger headlight not working

    Hi all, I Bought a seat Leon 2013 mk3 2.0tdi dsg 2 days ago and had no problems with the lights at all. Till yesterday when i got the car washed and the engine bay cleaned etc. after car wash realised passenger headlight had start flickering before it turned off. Dipped beam, full beam, drl and...
  8. Climate Control Module Replacement

    Hi all, My new (to me) 2017 Leon ST has a little bit of damage on the climate control panel, on the edges of the black plastic that surrounds the temperature displays. Seems to be quite a common issue as there are loads on eBay with the same issue. I'm looking at getting a replacement and...
  9. New Member - Leon ST 184 2017

    Good evening all, Just picked up my new (new to me) Leon FR 184 on a 67 plate. Got it for a great price and I’m really pleased with it so far. A couple of minor things to sort out but first impressions are great. I seem to have a grumbling noise when turning sharply at low speeds, which I’ve...
  10. JHox

    Leon Cupra R (Mk2/1P) 19” alloy wheels

    Rare set of 4 black SEAT Leon Cupra R wheels 5x112 19x8.0j ET53 with black SEAT centre caps. Alloy 1x Rim cracked requires welding (see pictures) Selling as a set of 4 tyres not included
  11. Seat Leon Mk1 1.6 16v 105hp , AZD engine code , need help with cruise control!

    Hello, I tried to install cruise control on my private car. But during the installation, it turned out that in the front under the wipers, from the socket (to which the cruise control cables are connected) to the car's computer, several cables are missing, which are not there at the factory. I...
  12. New alloys + Tyre pressure monitoring

    Hi I’m looking at getting new alloys for my Seat Leon Mk2 FR CR170 and was wondering how to keep the tyre pressure monitoring? Will it just work with new alloys or do you have to transfer the sensor over or something? Has anyone changed there alloys on this model and know what the crack is?
  13. MK1 Cupra R 225 - 85K | Very Clean

    Unfortunately I need to sell my LCR. Very clean original example. All the details are in the eBay advert below. Thanks. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334548006790
  14. H Rafiq

    Rear reflectors

    Anyone know if I can legally remove or wrap these red rear reflectors in the UK? Thanks.
  15. H Rafiq

    Parts price

    Had a service yesterday. They flagged that the rocker cover gasket needed replacing, and the front lower arm rear console bushes are beginning to delaminate, so I’m guessing they’d need replacing too. Any idea how much these parts would cost? They also flagged a minor oil leak at the rear of the...
  16. RVC not working after navi update.

    Hi guys! Yesterday Ive been at the dealer for my oil and filters change and the front desk guy said: - ah look there is an update for the navi for your 2015 Cupra 280. Free of charge, wanna do it? - of course, I said. All good and done until I got home and put the car in reverse: Park Pilot...
  17. Engine Code + Water Pump

    Hi I have a Seat Leon FR Mk2 2.0TDI 170 CR Can you confirm if my engine code is CFJA also I can’t seem to find a water pump or part numbers for one, also does this model have a secondary water pump also I’m just abit confused any info or links would be appreciated thanks I’m advance
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