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  1. No MIB in MK3 Leon??

    So a couple months ago I bought Mk3 Leon, 2013 plate. Was on for a very low price so I purchased it but only issue that I find now, months later is that there's no MIB in the glovevox? So the question is, is there anyway of getting one installed/coded? I know of course there's always the dealer...
  2. Golf R or Leon Cupra 290

    Hello fellas, new to posting but been lurking for a little while. Just after everyone's opinions here as I'm in a bit of a rut with regards to which car to get. So I'm looking to spend no more than £25k, and it's between the Leon Cupra 290 or a MK 7.5 Golf R. I'm going to test drive both...
  3. MK3 Cupra

    MK3 Cupra

    SeatCupra.net Berkshire forum meet March 2020 - A lesson in the importance of cleaning your car before meets
  4. Jairms 400bhp MK2 Cupra

    Jairms 400bhp MK2 Cupra

    SeatCupra.net Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  5. Alor Blue MK3 Cupra

    Alor Blue MK3 Cupra

    SeatCupra.net Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  6. Yellow FR!!

    Yellow FR!!

    SeatCupra.net Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  7. Seat Toledo (purple)

    Seat Toledo (purple)

    SeatCupra.net Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  8. MK1 Cupra R

    MK1 Cupra R

    SeatCupra.net Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  9. Leon Fr 184 coolant loss after DPF regen

    Hi, I have a 64 plate Seat Leon Fr 184hp, the coolant is lost after every dpf regen and I have no heat from the vents. I assumed it was the heater matrix.. However I did a Head Gasket test and the water changed from dark blue to a darkish green colour. I’m not sure if its worth getting a...
  10. cooling fan not working

    hey everyone so i have a mk3 seat leon 2013 and it started to overheat and i noticed that the cooling fan not spinning when the engine heats up. anyway to diagnose the problem and how to fix it ? thank you
  11. Jasonlee28

    Could someone help me please? Would be very grateful?

    Hi everyone, I’m having difficulty finding a debaged honeycomb grille for my seat Leon, it’s a 62 plate supercopa, everyone single one I’ve clicked online says it doesn’t fit, could someone point me in the right direction? Thank you guys, jason.
  12. Dudelliot

    Leon mk2 pfl cupra towbar

    Has anyone fitted a towbar on the cupra pfl? I Know i need to cut the bumper and thats not a problem but will it fit? Is there anyone who got a detachable towbar?
  13. Seat Leon MK3 FR 2013 replacing OEM Front parking sensors

    Hello I have been struggling to find any relevant info on replacing front parking sensors for Leon. My front parking sensor aren't working and when connecting to the computer it shows that my front middle left parking sensor seems to be faulty. I want to replace it my self as it seems like a...
  14. Looking for help to buy first Seat Leon

    Hey all, I need your advice...again. I posted a while back asking for general tips for buying a Seat Leon which will be done on finance. I’m not at a stage where I have found a couple of options but the issue is I don’t know a hell of a lot about cars and I know very little about Leons at the...
  15. Mk3 leon 2.0 tdi DSG

    Hi everyone. So I'm new here and have been thinking about buying a 2017 leon 2.0 tdi DSG and was wondering if I could get any advice on what to look out for when going to view the car and what the common problems are with these vehicles. Just want to do my research beforehand and see what you...
  16. oggydoodaa

    VCDS Cable + software

    Looking at getting a VCDS Cable and software for my 2001 LC but looking at prices a little out of my range . Wandering if there's anywhere reliable to get a cheaper one as I have a door lock issue that's causing my immobilizer to sometimes activate and prevent my car running. I would also like...
  17. Leon car seat advice

    Hi All, I currently own a 2007 Ibiza but am looking to upgrade to a Mk3 Leon (an FR if I can find one within budget!). I gave two young kids, a 4 year old and 15 month old, both of which are in rear facing car seats, although we'll soon be front facing my 4 year old. We currently have a Joie...
  18. Leon 1.6 TDI - Fuel Filter Help

    Hi Guys, I am currently ordering bits to service my Leon 5f 1.6tdi, but I stumbled on something here with the Fuel Filters... It seems they come in 2 different sizes? The outer diameters seem to be quite different, one being 77mm and the other 93mm and my question is, can I check which filter I...
  19. 3D_Rob

    Honda fanboy's foray into Seat (2019 Leon 2.0 TSI)

    Hi all, here's my 2019 Leon FR 2.0 TSI 190 DSG, I bought it about 7-8 weeks ago just before lockdown. It's completely standard apart from the wheels which were spayed black by the dealer. My last car was a Honda Accord Type-R which was a blast to drive, this time I wanted something a bit more...
  20. 12v socket / input / cigarette lighter?!?!

    So basically my cigarette lighter socket is absolutely knackared so had to break it out.. I bought a 12v socket from eBay and the connections are completely different... the original socket had an actual connection block on the bottom, with three metal prongs, which the connection block just...
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