1. Leonfr2017

    Leon fr idle lumpy and reving when idling to the 10 marker

    Hi, my Leon fr can be a bit slow to start some, never bothered me since it’s grand some and bit slower other times. Recently the car has starting being a bit lumpy when idling (not all the time, just every now and then) it revs itself to the 10 and then I normally intervene and Rev the car and...
  2. Upgrading alloy wheels from 16 to 18 with offset

    Hi, I’m just wonder has anyone got 18inch alloys with an et42 offset and have their car lowered does the wheels catch the arch gap even if you don’t have a lowered leon how does it drive on that offset etc etc? Any advice at all would be appreciated!
  3. Bas H.

    Plastidip logo/chrome grill and needing opinion

    Hi Guys, I've recently sold my Cupra Bocanegra and bought a SEAT LEON FR MK3 2016. I've replace my trunk logo for a SEAT Cupra Copper-color one. Sadly, the front logo I received is too big for the 2016-grill what means I dont have a perfect match for the color at the trunk-logo :-( 1. Now I...
  4. deepfr99

    Number Plate Light Flickering / Rear Camera intermittent

    So, Got out of my car last night and noticed my left side number plate light is flickering? It seems to stay solid and then flicker, then back to solid and so on. I've also had problems with my reversing camera sometimes just not appearing, get a black screen... i'm starting to think they...
  5. Remove cupholders in mk3 Leon?

    Hi everyone, I've put down a deposit to buy a 2017 mk 3 1.8 TSI Leon ST, which is pretty exciting. There is however a problem! Having a nice coffee sat in the car in the morning on the way to work is one of my favourite indulgences, but the cupholders in the Leon are tiny and don't fit my...
  6. Wistle noise after DPF delete...

    Hi guys, This is my second thread on here (woo!) I need some information & that's why I am posting here. Last time I did & got tons of help! I am hoping for same again! 😃 Here we go. So 3 days ago I got my DPF removed (physically) and today I got the car mapped out at a tuning place. They did...
  7. Twizzah

    Exhaust for 1.4TSI

    I’m looking for an exhaust system as currently i’m getting leaf blower vibes. I have a 66 plate 3 door 150bhp DSG. I was about to buy a scorpion exhaust but apparently they have discontinued it, and i really can’t fork out 780£ for milltek. Any response would be great thank you peeps
  8. MK3 Cupra

    MK3 Cupra Berkshire forum meet March 2020 - A lesson in the importance of cleaning your car before meets
  9. Jairms 400bhp MK2 Cupra

    Jairms 400bhp MK2 Cupra Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  10. Alor Blue MK3 Cupra

    Alor Blue MK3 Cupra Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  11. Yellow FR!!

    Yellow FR!! Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  12. Seat Toledo (purple)

    Seat Toledo (purple) Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  13. MK1 Cupra R

    MK1 Cupra R Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  14. Mk3 Golf Rear seats

    Hi, I recently bought a set of mk3 gold seats for my ibiza and the front seats went straight in with no problems, however the rear seat is far too narrow to fit in my car (unexpected as I thought golf's were wider). I've seen some stuff online saying you can put the rear seat in with...
  15. Leon 1.6 TDI - Fuel Filter Help

    Hi Guys, I am currently ordering bits to service my Leon 5f 1.6tdi, but I stumbled on something here with the Fuel Filters... It seems they come in 2 different sizes? The outer diameters seem to be quite different, one being 77mm and the other 93mm and my question is, can I check which filter I...
  16. Glue behind A/C temperature Screen has gone

    Hi everyone, the glue behind where the A/C temperature has gone on my Cupra so that it looks like the glass has cracked. does anyone have a fix? thank you!
  17. Sean McNally

    Led Perf DRL’s for the SE 1.6TDI

    Just throwing some pics up of the difference in the LED DRL upgrade from ledperf, makes a nice difference to the look of the car the normal lights are just too yellow for me led’s look sharp! Now to get some nicer main beam bulbs to match
  18. Kaiju

    Passenger window has dropped - help! - Leon mk3

    Hi I have a 2014 Leon and the front passenger window, when closing, made an awful bang within the door and the window dropped. When operating the window switch the motor can be heard working, but I believe the cables have snapped and the regulator needs replacing. SEAT dealers are closed and...
  19. R45HU

    Rain Water creeping through driver side door

    I have noticed recently with all the rain we have had lately that when I open the driver side door there is water always sitting at the top where the “felt” bit is fortunately it is not coming inside the car. I have checked all the other doors and they seem to be absolutely fine and dry . I have...
  20. Georgia Gale

    Door Module / folding wing mirror - 5Q4 959 593B Problems!

    Hi Everyone, I have a 64 plate Leon FR 184. A few months ago the drivers side wing mirror stopped folding in when I held down the lock on the fob for 3 seconds, it also won't fold with the switch on the door from the inside. The mirror adjustment part of the switch inside still works. Took it...
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