1. Which Brembo Calipers Fit The MK3 Ibiza?

    I have the ability to have brakets made up but i just want to know which calipers the mk3 is capable of running? I work in the brake industry for CRN Products so i can source discs and brake lines.. i just want to know if 'any' brembos would fit with a bracket? ie, evo, impreza etc. Or renault...
  2. Traction Control light on after fitting Forge TIP (Mk3 Cupra)

    Fitted it all up and when the engine lights come on all go off but this one? Car runs fine and is boosting to 15 but the light just wont go out even if i push the button. Did a search and found some posts saying could be the maf? Cheers
  3. MK3 Cd Player Question!

    I cant find this on the forum anywhere. But does anyone know how to repeat 1 disc? If you hold down the number 6 it repeats 1 song. Any ideas?
  4. Naz

    Naz - My '98 Cordoba 2.0 16v SX - Now SOLD!

    Hey Guys n Gals, Been a member on here for a little while but not posted much yet! I thought i might as well start a thread about my car rather than have threads with pics everywhere! First of all- Bought her in March 09 after a nasty incident involving my Decked Polo and a drain...
  5. Al_G

    Leon Mk3???

    Sorry if this is a repost... I think it looks slick :)
  6. Wheels mk3 cupra help

    I need a wheel to get through my mot because my alloy has damage, My girlfriend has a vauxhall tigra 15'' et49 4x100 but they dont fit all the way on, do i need spacers or something. Or is there anythig else i can put straight on to get it through. im a bit of a novice with this so any advice is...
  7. Chambers Cupra

    Mk3 cupra needs small offside mirror

    Im looking for a passenger side mirror for the drivers side of my mk3 IBIZA cupra! as you may no the drivers side has a towing mirror on:wtf: and a baby one on the left! i want a baby on the drivers side, as i work for a local motorfactor i rang seat and they looked on up for a ibiza from spain...
  8. Chrisdaman

    Chrisdaman's New Daily - proper all stages clean :)

    After a long 2 and a bit years with the ibiza, it finally went :cry:....... BUT i managed to find myself a rather nice looking mk3 golf VR6, in 3 door, so i got on the case and got myself up to leighton buzzard to collect her. The bodywork is a bit tatty, but that can be corrected at a...
  9. Adamricko

    AdamRicko's MK3 Beeza

    So, this is where it begins with my Beeza. I Purchased a Seat Ibiza X reg (2000) 1.4 .cool/s around July. This was bought with 28k miles on the clock, 1 Lady owner from new and quite abit (not all) service history. I have been meaning to get some pics up for awhile but have only just got around...
  10. buying a mk3

    Hiya,I'm thinking of buying a mk3 cupra, is there anything I should look out for?
  11. jonjay

    Skorchio's mk3 Golf TDI - Paint Correction Detail: grey is beautiful

    VW GOLF TDI MK3 ----- The best way to describe Skorchio is that he has the most immense attention to detail in everything he does. He has probably one of the nicest Seat Leon’s I have ever seen and what made it so special was that all the modifications were done by him. His determination to...
  12. DaleGT

    MK3 Coilovers

    Just wondering what coilovers people are running and also Polo coilovers fit dont they?? what model Polo is it?? Has anyone had any problems running too low etc etc any pics of lowness would be nice :D
  13. turbo009

    omp rear upper strut mk3 cupra

    Ive just bought this secondhand and went to fit it tonight but it wont fit. Do i have to cut the lugs off anybody know? Or is it best too keep them on? Don't want to damage anything Just wondered if anybody could help me please and if people have pictures of theirs fitted would be grateful
  14. Mk3 Cupra Headlight Fixing Bracket

    I have searched for about an hour and can't find anything, so .... Had a slow speed bump in my Cupra and the plastic surround bracket thing on the headlight that fixes the headlight in place has broken on both sides, though the headlight is intact. Is this a whole headlight replacement job...
  15. conord's yellow mk3 ibiza cupra

    used to belong to a member on here. all i can say is i've loved every minute of driving this since i got it a few months back. as it stands now its as i got it from the previous owner. this winter though it'll be comin off the road for a few weeks and gettin a bit of a revamp so watch this...
  16. Ethan040

    Would these coilovers fit a mk3 1.4.

    Hi on the ad for these coilovers it says there for a 6k which is the mk3 is it not? but in the ad it says there for 1992 - 1998 models would they fit my mk3 1.4? Also is the the polo 6n or 6n2 coilovers that can be fitted to a mk3 ibiza? Thanks
  17. Best Mk3 cupra brake pads

    Hey all, sorry if this is in the wrong place but couldn't find anything on it in the FAQ section. Basically time has come to change my pads. I'm runnin standard disks on the back and drilled and grooved on the fronts. what pads are you guys using. car is approx 200 bhp. Cheers, Conor
  18. MK3 Armrest

    Been looking for an arm rest for the car. Kamei do aftermarket ones that could fit on the mk3 but they're too dear for me. Been looking at a few on ebay, they're around the £20 mark, does anyone know if armrest from other Seate or even VAG cars would fit in an mk3 ibiza? Or better yet, has...
  19. 2011 Leon Mk3

    I know its a bit early but I just couldnt help myself when I found this.........
  20. Adam180

    mk3 cupra ko3 hibrid progress relisted

    hey, this is my second attempt at a progress thread,. this all began in november 2008 100% standard appart from a blue flame exhaust system. 80k miles and mechanically sound as a pound so, i started off be sending my wheels off to get refurbished in black and new tyres, my first...
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