1. R45HU

    Rain Water creeping through driver side door

    I have noticed recently with all the rain we have had lately that when I open the driver side door there is water always sitting at the top where the “felt” bit is fortunately it is not coming inside the car. I have checked all the other doors and they seem to be absolutely fine and dry . I have...
  2. Georgia Gale

    Door Module / folding wing mirror - 5Q4 959 593B Problems!

    Hi Everyone, I have a 64 plate Leon FR 184. A few months ago the drivers side wing mirror stopped folding in when I held down the lock on the fob for 3 seconds, it also won't fold with the switch on the door from the inside. The mirror adjustment part of the switch inside still works. Took it...
  3. OJ9693

    ANOTHER rear boot spoiler question

    So I'm pretty sure most of us are aware of the expensive price tags on the aerodynamics spoiler (5F0071606) I've found one on ebay for quite cheap, however, the corner has been snapped/broken off.. I'm curious to know if this is possible to repair and if so would it actually be worth...
  4. How to install reverse camera Seat Leon Mk3 (2015)

    Can anyone help with what pins to connect reverse camera to in head unit (in glovebox)? Has anyone done this before? Can't seem to find much. Were unable to plug yellow RCA cable into the back of screen as hoped (nowhere to plug into). Also looking for wiring diagrams if possible. Any help...
  5. Leon FR TDI 184 brakes

    Hi, i found a brake setup, 340mm from a leon cupra 1p mk2 Does anyone know if they are a direct fit into the mk3 ? Thanks
  6. The Daily Meme

    MK3 Boot Handle Staying Up

    So I bought my MK3 in 2017 and the boot handle which is the SEAT badge on this one, used to stay open. I would have to push it back in to place whenever I used the boot. This bugged me no end but I never investigated it. I assumed the spring had broken or there was something in the mechanism...
  7. OJ9693

    Ambient lighting in front doors

    I know you can swap between Eco mode with the white ambient lighting, and then Sport mode with the red lighting. Does anyone know if its possible to have the red lights on in Eco mode? Thanks in advance. :thumbup:
  8. Iphone connectivity issue 2014 fr

    HI Got a 2014 tech pack mk3 leon Bit of an odd one this. When i got the car the iphone connectivity and music through the head unit worked via the mdi to usb with a proper apple cable. Nothing has changed physically but its stopped working and just doesn't show up on the media menu. The car...
  9. OJ9693

    Mk3 interior trim mods

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forums as i have recently purchased a 5dr Leon (1.4 TSI 150) and always join forums of the wheels i'm driving. I'll get to the point.. I was wondering why there are no black A and B interior pillars for sale for my model, or any model more to the point, or am i...
  10. OJ9693

    Seat Leon FR Mk3 Interior trim (A Pillars etc)

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forums as i have recently purchased a 5dr Leon (1.4 TSI 150) and always join forums of the wheels i'm driving. I'll get to the point.. I was wondering why there are no black A and B interior pillars for sale for my model, or any model more to the point, or am i...
  11. Rear Disc Brakes

    After my recent service I was advised that my rear discs were slightly warped. Been noticing it more now especially slowing down from 60/70mph. Was wondering if anyone on here has changed the rear discs and pads on the MK3 leon? Is it simple enough? Cheers Andy
  12. Seat Ibiza 2007 5 door Rear Lights Question

    Hi Newbie (to both the forum and SEATs). I have a 5 door 2007 Seat Ibiza, and I have a query about what the rear lights, marked green in the picture, do? I thought they were fog lights, but I've since found out that my model only has one fog light, which is on the right hand side (the reverse...
  13. Coolant loss from tank on motorway journeys or high speeds

    Hi, I am new to this. So sorry in advance if I seem like a noob. So I recently bought a 2014 Seat Leon FR 184 model. It was a company owned car and has done about 120 k. I am the 1st real private owner. The company have maintained the car well according to the service stamps provided to myself...
  14. Andy184

    Few noises on my mk3 tdi

    Hi guys, new to this place, come here alot as a guest.. I have all of a sudden in the last month or so, discovered a buzzing noise when in drive. At all speeds.. if I put car in N the sound does go. I also have a idling noise, some 19s also have it, sounds like a plastic reservoir hitting off...
  15. 2016 Sat nav upgrade

    I'm not sure if it's been posted before but I haven't been able to find it in the searches. I've only found upgrades to the Alpine head unit which doesn't look great if I'm honest! I have a 2016 Leon FR 1.4 150 (pre facelift) so the satnav feels a tad outdated with the 8 buttons on the sides...
  16. JStrett

    Remap MK3 1.4tsi Nottingham

    Just wondering if anyone can recommend the best place to get my car properly remapped in Nottingham? Thanks in advance!
  17. What is the best MK3 Cupra? / Cupra Buying Advice

    Bit of an odd one, but as in the title - when buying a MK3 Leon Cupra, which is the best? In this case, preferably under 20k and taking value for money into account. So, given the above - I understand some special editions have come out over the years, I've heard the Sub8 pack is excellent...
  18. No DSG farts/ Pops & Bangs

    Hi, I picked up my brand new Seat Leon Cupra 290 on Friday, I've done around 200 miles in it & I've yet to hear any sort of exhaust pop/ bang or the DSG farts you usually do hear. I watched a few videos on these before I got it and the exhaust was said to be louder than the S3. Any reason it...
  19. What size are my alloys? Please help!

    Hi I have a 66 plate Leon Cupra 290 with the upgraded lightweight 19” alloys (Same style you get on the sub 8). I know the PCD is 5 x 112. But does anyone know the width? Is it 8J? Thanks, Brandon
  20. Dashboard Dent - How to get rid of it?

    Hi guys, I have a Seat Leon Mk3 at the moment and I have been using the phone holder that was stuck on the dashboard for a bit. During last summer it was quite hot so when I took it off it left a small indent on the dashboard and I was wondering if it's possible to fix it? I have seen some...
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