1. rich_cupra

    ibiza cupra mk3

    Hello boys and girls I'v have my car for two months now, great little car and so much fun to drive. The car has a stage two set up but looking for stage 3 as iv been talk to amd :D. here is the spec audi s3 airflow forge intake pipe green cotton dyna twist filter forge front...
  2. best place to get rear anti roll bar for mk3 cupra?

    rear anti roll bar for mk3 cupra? that all. Cheers.
  3. mk3 ibiza cupra headlights

    hey anyone know if you can take apart the mk3 ibiza cupra headlight and put them back togethere so like new :) thanks
  4. Mk3 Dash questions.

    OK yes I've searched, but the info I found didn't answer a few questions... So if you fit a Mk3 dash what happens to the heater controls? I assume they don't fit in the Mk3 dash as the Mk3 uses the HU for control. Does the Mk2 instrument cluster fit in the Mk3 dash? How hard is it to...
  5. aterro

    Aterro mk3 Ovni Ibiza Cupra

    this is my mk3 cupra had this for quite a while now and its gradually becoming my own and getting "perfect" (nearly) lol it started off pretty much standard par tints. so i added coilovers for a nice height set of gauges that i sold as i just wanted subtle.
  6. ibiza mk3 brakes

    hi guys.... i own a 2001 ibiza mk3 cupra... need to get some new brake discs.... after measureing them they come to 328mm on the front... they also run with the porche brembo 4 pot calipers... just wondering what discs would these be off and where can i get some ?? many thanks :)
  7. Ibiza Cupra Mk3 Onvi

    Evening all, Signed up to the forum around 3 months ago and bought my first SEAT about 2 months ago :) And I'm loving it loving it loving it. It had a few mods when i picked her up, Front mounted intercooler (not sure what make) Blue flame cat back exhaust Forge RDV K&N Air intake...
  8. Jairm88

    mk3 headunit

    does any 1 no the name of the manufacturer of the mk3 headunit ? cheers
  9. Mk3 leon

    Any know when the Mk3 leon is due?
  10. Seat Ibiza MK3 Lettering

    Heyy, I want to remove the "IBIZA" lettering and replace it, wondering if that is possible and would I be able to do it myself, or am I better off taking it to someoene to get it done ? I was also wondering how I'd go about removing the"Chill" sign on the back of the car ??? Any help...
  11. mk2 cupra exhaust on mk3?

    Been offerd a mk2 cupra backbox would it fit on my Mk3 1.4 ?? looks the same all the hangers are in the right place will i need a reducer pipe?? any idea of the size in mm ? cheers.
  12. cuprawill

    ibiza mk3 cupra k03s 225.1 bhp 243lb/ft *update 07/12/2011

    hi iv had my ibiza cupra since november now so i fought i would but up a tread. its a 2001 ibiza cupra mk3, i bought it in november localy it had 68k on the clock good service history tidy car for £2700 which i fought was a bargain, its had a few problems like maf, leaky oil filter but nothing...
  13. Climate Control Ibiza MK3

    Hey guys, hows it hanging :-o lol , Anyway My climate control screen recently has started going dodgy, meaning you can't seem to see any properly on it, lines flicker in n out etc. I was just wondernig what you guys think it could be ? :think: Thanks :clap:
  14. MK3 ibiza cupra - MODS

    hello everyone i am looking to buy a MK3 ibiza cupra. i am looking for a standard one. when i buy the car i wish to ad little mods like: Exhaust remap induction kit intercooler boost gauges turbo timer could you help me to decide what makes are good and best for the money, i have...
  15. Alana's mk3 ibiza cupra

    thought i would start a thread for my car, so here it is. I bought it last april for 2200 its got 85k on clock, pretty much standard at min but the guy i bought it off said it had been re-mapped but untill it goes on the rollers i wont know for sure. here's a few pics of it :: this is...
  16. F2 Ed

    mk3 cupra R 23mm fron ARB

    so i think im right in saying the mk2 GTI 8v has a 20mm ARB & the mk3 cupra R has a fatter 23mm bar. What is needed to fit the 23mm bar? Just bigger D bushes, and/or drop link?
  17. RabReith89

    "Bumble Bee" UPDATE 12/07/10 KO3S C-CODE STG 2

    Hi guys starting a new readers ride lost all my pics on photo bucket so deleted the old one. So here is my cupra, bought her with 76000 miles fsh am the 3rd owner no rust, scraches or dents. She only had a few mods when i got her like green cotton filter, cat back exhaust, forge tip, forge...
  18. HELP, mk3 2001 seat ibiza 20vt problem

    hey guys i have a problem its on my 2001 mk3 ibiza cupra 20vt. the fuel gauge doesnt work, i plugged my vag com into it and went into instrument and got the gauges to move so im assuning their ok and it came up with a fault code when i tested it which was .... 00771 - Fuel Level Sensor (G)...
  19. my new mk3 ibiza cupra!

    I bought this car 2 weeks ago and have only just got round to taking giving it a really good polish and take some good pictures. heres a brief spec: Custom code phase stage 2 remap Forge re-circ valve Jetex straight through exhaust Adjustable coilovers Front mount intercooler Green cotten...
  20. TJP

    mk3 seat's need diagram/pic

    Hi Bit of a wierd one i know, but can anyone email me some pics of the drivers and passengers seat mechanism. Not long had my car and the person before me had the interior out to fit a roll cage, and never put it back in properly. My seat moves when in the car (rocks slightly), and i cant...
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