1. tom w

    mk3 rear strut brace

    right i am looking at getting a rear brace, 1st off do they make much diffference? 2nd does the mk2 one off strutbracer fit? 3rd i'm sure i've been told the mk1 golf rear brace fits is this right? before i get slated i have searched! and it seens to be mostly readers rides and i cannot...
  2. Photos - mk2 and mk3 cupra's

    Just thought id post some new proper pictures of mine and my mates mk3 as we are both new members :
  3. TJP

    Mk3 cupra , what oil?

    What oil do you guys use in your mk3 ibiza cupra's. 1.8t ayp. I work at vauxhall and we do super synthetic 5w30. Is that good enough? and how much does the ibiza take?
  4. Twin Exhaust for Ibiza mk3 1.4

    Hi Ibiza owners! I was hoping to purchase a new twin backbox for my ibiza. Nothing boy racer, just something louder than the original. I took the car to a garage asking about fitting etc. They said that it would be better to buy an exhaust which was made for the car rather than a universal...
  5. ibiza_95

    mk2 and mk3 ibiza brake servo and mstr cylinders help

    should the mk3 ibiza cupra 1.8T master cylinder fit direct onto the mk2 ibiza brake servo? ive looked at part numbers and it suggests that the brake servos are the same part number, and as such the master cylinders should be interchangeable... (I know the pipe fittings are different but ive...
  6. mk3 ibiza cupra stereo

    been and bought a mk3 ibiza cupra and its got an after market head unit that im not over keen on, its also got uprated door speakers n tweeters, and a sub in the boot. as ive said im not over keen on it, is it gunna be a big job to remove it and wire it all in to a standard stereo?
  7. Black mk3 ibiza cupra

    went to view rikos black mk3 cupra yesterday and bought it home with me, havnt had chance to take any pics of it yet so will have to use ones from the ad ok maybe i wont, not allowed to post them up untill ive made 15 posts! needs a few bits and bobs doing but thats just me bein picky...
  8. my red mk3 cupra

    Hi, About 6 months ago i bought my lovely red cupra, it took me months to find a good one out there not too over priced and not too abused, i bought it completely standard and over the months i have slowly made it wat it is, its miles away from what i would like it to be but its a good start...
  9. kelvin_redcupra

    (PICTURE UPDATES) my red ko3s cupra

    hi all just thought i wud show you all a few pics of my car i got it in october 2009 completely standard,i am planning to do a k04 turbo conversion mods so far scorpion cat back k&n induction kit uni FMIC (fitted this weekend) n112 valve removed n249 valve bypassed replaced all...
  10. mk1 mk2 mk3 cordobas ??

    can you change the bumpers from a mk2 to a mk1 cordoba if you can what other parts are interchangeable and what mk have i got ?? my car is a 1996 i think its on the change over but think its the mk1 as the bottom of the bumpers are metal am i right??? cheers
  11. cupramillo

    Major differences going from a Mk3 Ibiza Cupra to a LCR?

    As above, been toying with the idea of selling my mk3 Ibiza Cupra and moving on to a LCR. Has anyone made this step? If so what differences in performance, handling, mpg, reliability, tuning potential, runnings costs, that general sort of thing, did you notice from a mk3 ibiza cupra? I know...
  12. TJP

    mk3 cupra 16's or 17's

    Goin to get some new wheels. currently on 16's oz super T's with brembos. Want some rota sliptreams but dont know what size to go for. i thought 17's. ??? any views??
  13. Where to get factory SEAT floor mats for MK3 Ibiza Cupra

    Just wondering if anybody has bought some genuine SEAT floor mats recently for the MK3 Ibiza Cupra as I am needing some and prefer keeping it clean and simple using the factory items, I did ask for them at my local SEAT dealer but they only came back to me with a price and said they cannot get...
  14. Mk3 lowering

    My girlfriend has a tdi 130 03/04 (not exactly sure what year) and we are lookin for some lowering springs. It's on 16s at the min. We want it pretty low but don't really want to buy coilovers as we are saving for other things. Can anyone post up pics to show us how low their Ibiza mk3 is on...
  15. MK3 Rattly Roof

    Hey guys.... im new to this forum... and Ibizas!!! ... already been on read some interesting and helpful facts :) ... i.e. painting my handles ... there looking sweeeet! my roof seems to rattle an abnormal amount and i wondered if anyone has any ideas as to solve the problem? or if its a...
  16. Toby Davis

    IBiza MK3 TDI Sport 110 - share your pictures and problems here.

    HI everyone i have a ibiza mk3 1.9 tdi 110 sport and have had it for almost 2 years and still love it. I would realy like to hear and see what you guys have done to your tdi 110 sport as well as well as any problems or experinces you would like to share. below is a link to my car and what...
  17. JB!

    Recent code read, Mk3 Cupra

    scanned my codes, got: 17987 - Throttle Actuator (J338): Adaptation Not Started P1579 - 35 - 10 Intermittent 16486 - Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70): Signal too low P0102 - 35 - 10 Intermittent Readiness: 0000 1001 and: 01463 - Alarm Triggered By sensor for anti-theft alarm system...
  18. chaazza

    Ibiza cupra mk3 front speaker grills

    just wondering can you buy these on there own if so could i have a price :)
  19. Mk3 ibiza 1.6 s

    ]just picked this up today my first SEAT and 5th VAG car mk3 1.6 s 100bhp to do list coilovers or stiffer shocks fix remote locking and pass side window induction kit stainless manifold stainless exhaust with sports cat cupra bumpers and skirts gloss black mirrors sell it and get a mk4...
  20. Finan

    Urgent Help Needed. burning stereo (mk3 Ibiza)

    Okay, so i just removed the cd player from the glovebox, my Center console panel display had gone completely blank, so i went to check the wiring, after doing this i turned on my car to see would the display light up and it didnt, but i smelt a burning smell, worried i turned off the car, and...
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