S3 subframe in cupra


Oct 26, 2017
Just replaced the steal cupra 280 subframe with a Audi s3 aluminium subframe and the cars feels SO much more responsive. Just something someone else might want to consider

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Can you also confirm what else was changed (I am guessing you did engine and lower torque mount).

Deleted member 103408

Seen a few non R Golfs with this fitted but still not seen any conclusive evidence that the sub frame makes a Big difference to a road car.

I am guessing that it was the Mount kit that made the big difference to the way the car feels.

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Reichter Aguilar
I've got the S3 aluminium subframe with the RacingLine dog bone mount fitted to my MK7 Golf R for 2+ years now. It's definitely lighter, but didn't notice a difference in steering response.

Whilst the R will be 4wd I have seen FWD Golfs with it fitted but they all talk about weight for the track.

Hopefully @Aellis will reply with info instead of Youtube only.
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