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  1. Strange cutting out issue

    Hi everyone, this is my first post so sorry if it is in the wrong place! I have owned my 2001 Ibiza 1.9 ASV 110 for around a year now and ive finally reached my wits end trying to diagonose the issues its having. Under heavy load, and very occasionally, the car will go into what feels like limp...
  2. Black SEAT Badge options?

    Hi, I have a 2016 Cupra 290 and am after some black SEAT badges front and back. Just wondering what are the best options. Anyone got pictures of theirs and where they got them from? Cheers, Brandon
  3. Smyg

    Project Cupra ST 2019

    Hey SCN! :wave: How is everyone doing? Call me SMYG. Proud owner of a 2018/2019 Seat Leon Cupra ST 2.0TSI 4Drive DSG 300 (stupidly long name :whistle:) My project car for 2019 is to create the best looking Seat Leon ST Cupra in Sweden. (See further down below for the "To Do"-list) ¤ When I...
  4. seat4life

    SEAT Leon 1.8 resonator delete

    So today I brought a seat leon 1.8 dsg 2013. I was meant to get the Cupra but insurance was way to. High. Long story short. If I get the resonator pipe from progressive part that's meant for the Cupra 280, will it fit the 1.8 and also will I get the DSG farts if I do the resonator delete or do...
  5. Nathan bailey


    Hi guys I’m new to the forum currently have a 18 plate 300. Anyway I have been enquiring at BCS regarding a anti drone res delete. I had a zaustworkx one fitted originally but had to take it off due to the drone and not wanting to get a ASBO when leaving for work at 5am . It turns out BCS don’t...
  6. new leon cupra 300 4 drive 7 speed dsg?

  7. Creaking/grinding noise

    So when im stationary and turn the wheel and get near full lock either way i have this horrible noise sort of creaking after a few turns it goes away but recently it has gotten loudered it sounds as if it coming from the back does anyone have a idea what it could be or had this problem before...
  8. Fr Dash fit a Cupra 280 dash

    sooo my cupra 280 2014 was involved in a little accident and the dash and steering wheel airbags deployed so i need to replace the dash my questionis ... can i put the fr dash into my cupra or even another dash from a Mk3 5f into my cupra they look the same i cant see any physical difference...
  9. Seat Leon mk3 brake light sensor short-circuit

    Hi all, First off, I'm new on this forum so please don't crucify me for doing something stupid. I have a 2014 Leon that has been acting up for about six months, the problems started with the start-stop system malfunctioning sometimes (wouldn't stop at red lights). That has now stopped working...
  10. louiskopite

    Seat Leon FR 1.8 180hp Urban Silver

    Hello Cupra world, my name is Luis and I come from beautiful Greece. I recently sold my white VW Scirocco 1.4 160hp which was one of the best cars I've been able to drive and regardless of what it's been rumoured/said, one of the most reliable engines. Thanks to my new born son, I had to say...
  11. vcds lite

    can i use vcds lite with my cupra 280 and what functionality does it give? can i do boost checks with VCDS LITE?
  12. Apollo1310

    Leon Lead Time and Manufacturing Errors (68 Plate)

    Thought I'd open a thread on my recent experience with SEAT. Sorry for the length. Has anyone else experience a huge wait time for the latest (68 plate) leon? I ordered my car way back in March 2018 and received it today. About a 7 month lead time?! Originally ordered a Leon 1.5 150 FR Sport -...
  13. nokiauk

    Alloy Damage :(

    Discovered a slow puncture last Thursday so took this to a local garage which I've used a few times before for tyre replacements to get it fixed. Washed the car yesterday as car was filthy following Storm Ali and discovered all these scuff marks which are concentrated round the centre of the...
  14. S3 subframe in cupra

    Just replaced the steal cupra 280 subframe with a Audi s3 aluminium subframe and the cars feels SO much more responsive. Just something someone else might want to consider
  15. Wanting to swap cupra 290 DSG for a manual??

    Hi guys, Probably a long shot but I’ve just bought a 2017(66) cupra 290 DSG. Had it about a month now and the gearbox is brilliant but I just miss a manual. Would anyone be interested in doing a deal of some sort for another 290 but manual gearbox? Must have: Bucket seats Black pack (prefer...
  16. Lifting mk3 onto axle stands help please

    I need to get the front end on to stands to replace front pads only problem is I want to sit my stands under the jacking point where is fine to have the jack to jack the car up thanks
  17. Jacking up and putting on axle stands

    I need to jack up the front of my car and support on jack stands to change the brake pads only problem is there jacking points as shown in the manual are not long enough to fit both jack and jack stand on is there any other points for the jack or the stand thanks.
  18. Mk3 Ibiza S Clutch Problems

    Hi everyone. Im new so please go easy on me. I've had my Ibiza S for nearly 2 years now. When i baught it, the dealership knew about the clutch being very heavy and solid. They said all that was needed apparently was a Clutch cable adjustment as the biting point was very high. I have still...
  19. abhardwaj1990

    Cordoba or Ibiza Mk3 rear door on Mk2 Ibiza? And polo bonnet.....

    Gave it a search, nothing popped up... Does anyone know if a Cordoba rear door will fit an Ibiza? Or even a Mk3 rear door? Cheers peeps :)
  20. rich_cupra

    ibiza cupra mk3

    Hello boys and girls I'v have my car for two months now, great little car and so much fun to drive. The car has a stage two set up but looking for stage 3 as iv been talk to amd :D. here is the spec audi s3 airflow forge intake pipe green cotton dyna twist filter forge front...
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