1. S10EAT

    Wanted - Rear Anti Roll bar Leon Mk1 / 1M

    Hi, I’m after a rear anti roll bar for a Leon Mk1 /1M chassis - not fussed on make, white line, EIBACH, H&R as long as it’s 23mm+ in size. Thanks!!!
  2. deepfr99

    Number Plate Light Flickering / Rear Camera intermittent

    So, Got out of my car last night and noticed my left side number plate light is flickering? It seems to stay solid and then flicker, then back to solid and so on. I've also had problems with my reversing camera sometimes just not appearing, get a black screen... i'm starting to think they...
  3. nightflight

    Bumpers Guide - Removing Rear Bumper

    This isn't that difficult, time consuming, took me maybe 3 hours to remove and replace as an amateur (tbh, took slightly longer but that's because I had extra time figuring it out) This is on a 5dr but I don't see the being much/any difference between the versions, perhaps the 3dr might have 1...
  4. Woody_72

    My 2014 Lima green Leon FR 184 diesel.

    Not my first mod but one I saw on here recently and thought looked pretty cool, red tinted rear lights: It was pretty easy to do. I bought a sheet of red window tinting film from Amazon for £8.49 which arrived today and got stuck in. I drew a template on each segment of light with a marker...
  5. Sourcing rear back seat lock mech

    Hi all My Cupra R mk1 225 has failed it's MOT on the rear back seat lock mechanism. My local garage has contact Seat and tried various car parts shops but can't source one. Does anyone know where I could buy one? Failing that, does anyone have a part number? Finally if I'm unable to source one...
  6. Window issue

    I have a 2010 seat leon, the nearside rear window goes down sometimes when I start the car, so far I have put a window regulator and a driver side four way switch which hasn’t had any effect. The window won’t go down from the drivers side switch, it only goes down from rear window switch. Any...
  7. Andreas Panayiotou

    Rear diffuser installation

    Hello. Did anyone installed this diffuser on Leon FR? It is plug and play (Remove the original and install the new) or need any modifications? Thanks.
  8. Andreas Panayiotou

    Emblem black-out with wrap.

    Hello. Did anyone blackout rear emblem and letters with wrap? I would like to see how it looks with the nickel surround. Thanks.
  9. UltraObamaX

    Lower engine mount

    Hi My engine is wobbling it's nackers off as I need a new lower engine mount. Could anyone recommend and link a fairly cheap and decent 1 please? Thanks
  10. Rear Speaker Install on 5 Door 6j

    I have a 5 door seat ibiza fr 6j 2013 and want to install rear speakers. My car came with the standard head unit (not the garmin one) and only has speakers at the front. I have bought the oem rear speakers for the car and need to install them. Does anybody know if the wiring will already be...
  11. Hesitant when cold and 'jumping' rear end..

    Hi, I've a couple of questions, I'm sure they are common faults, but I'm new to the Cupra/1.8T lump. It is really not happy from cold, starts fine and revs up ok, but try to engage some sort of forward momentum and it just bogs down when the clutch is released, give it a bit of just keep...
  12. Thev5

    Rear Wheel Bearing Change

    Hi All, I have a noise coming from what I think is the rear nearside wheel. From what I can gather I think the wheel bearing is on the way out. Would I be right in thinking that you have to replace the hub as well due to the bearing race’s being integrated? I’ve seen some on ebay for £35...
  13. stewbie55

    removing rear bumper

    Hi, Don't normally post in this section but a friend of mine has an Altea and is wanting to remove the rear bumper so he can fit parking sensors. Can anyone help with some advice on how to remove the rear bumper, for example where the mountings are and how to get access to them as apparently...
  14. 2010 Cupra R rear bumper...

    Hi mate's I'm looking for the new 2010 cupra R rear bumper (dual exhaust and diffusers) part number, do you know?
  15. abhardwaj1990

    Cordoba or Ibiza Mk3 rear door on Mk2 Ibiza? And polo bonnet.....

    Gave it a search, nothing popped up... Does anyone know if a Cordoba rear door will fit an Ibiza? Or even a Mk3 rear door? Cheers peeps :)
  16. Rear brake rewind tool

    Hi Guys, I need to change my rear brake pads on my ibiza 2001 TDI. Can anyone advise me whether the rewind tool has a left or right handed thread to rewind the piston? Thanks
  17. owen lcr

    cupra vs s3 rear brakes

    what is the differance between the leon cupra and audi s3 rear brake setup? cheers
  18. revere

    water leak in passenger side rear footwell

    Hi guys, I have water getting in the back of the car, sometimes across both rear foot wells and sometimes just the passenger side rear footwell. I took it into a garage to get looked at and the mechanic said he couldn't find where it was getting in ( he put the hose over it etc he told me)...
  19. ibiza mk5 front wishone rear bushes

    Hello, the rear wishbone bushes on my 1.6 cr are shagged after only 6500 miles. Is this a common fault, has anyone else had the same experience? does anyone know if the solid bushes from the mk1 leon cupra fit the mk5 ibiza wishbone.
  20. best place to get rear anti roll bar for mk3 cupra?

    rear anti roll bar for mk3 cupra? that all. Cheers.
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