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  1. Cupra TDI Rear bumper

    Hi there, i have just brought a 2005 seat Ibiza Cupra TDI and sold my Peugeot 407 one question i do have is can you fit a Ibiza FR bumper to a standard Cupra? will the black lower insert fit? and does anyone know where to get cheap Seat parts from? Thanks Paul
  2. No rear speakers.

    A quick Question. My new (to me) Exeo 143TDi S model, does not seem to have speakers in the rear doors, Is this right?? The S model suits me as I don't want 17 inch wheels! If it is correct, what do I need to do to get the speakers sorted?? Poweramps, speakers, looms etc. Cheers Conks
  3. manual to electric rear windows

    anyone know roughly what parts i need and what needs to be done to convert my rear windows from manual to electric thanx
  4. ather`s

    fixed rear quarter windows

    anyone tell me the best way to take the rear windows out as im putting opening rear quarters in. i know they are bonded in but wondered if there an easier way than sitting inside the car and pushing them out with your feet and getting your mrs to catch the window as it comes out lol.
  5. Hole in rear passenger footwell!! :(

    got a hole in the rear passenger footwell. looks as if the jack has slipped from the jacking point when with its previous owner. it has pierced the footwell and now water flicks up from the tyre and straight through the hole!! :censored: absoluty soaking the floor!! what is the floorpan made...
  6. Condensation in Rear Light Cluster

    Hello, I have a 2007 Reference Sport TDI with the Aero kit standard, ive noticed that ive got rather a lot of condensation in the rear drivers side light cluster, the part in the rear wing not the boot lid. I was wondering if anybody had anytips to stop this, causes or how to take the...
  7. CupraElliott

    Am I missing something here? Rear ARB

    I went to fit my Neuspeed rear ARB today and is it me being thick and not installing it right or is it way too wide? I can't for the life of me get this to line up. I have the other side set like this... And the bush is sitting nice and flat on the axle so I am pretty sure it's...
  8. vwbassett

    Rear LCR brakes same as LC?

    Hi, Im trying to order a set of rear brake discs and pads off of vwspares.co.uk. Now the rears are 256mm vented right? but what are the pads, the same as the rest of the range as indicated on the site or should they be different considering the disc diametre is larger? I was going to be...
  9. cupra_ad

    Rear end not sitting correctly!

    I've noticed today that my rear end of my cupra isn't sitting quite right. The passenger side is sitting about .5 - 1 inch lower than the drivers. Anybody any idea what is likely to cause this or could it be a million and one things? Springs/struts look ok from what I can see.
  10. Jimski

    SuperSport 35mm Front - 50mm Rear - Shock and Springs

    Evening! I know that Truss has asked the question about whether Supersport can consider making us happy by supplying a 35mm front, 50mm spring/shock kit for ibiza mk4. Just thought this thread could be a follow up to my thread asking a similar question generally and help everyone else...
  11. mk2 leon rear spoiler

    hi i am thinking of doing a few mods to my 2007 tfsi leon I am looking for an approx cost and the best place to get the bits from. 1. A rear spoiler, cost of fitting and painting 2. side skirts, cost of fitting and painting Thanks in advance:D
  12. LCR rear bumper

    On the rear bumpers, the gray plastic bit at the bottom can this be taken off on its own or with all the bumper?
  13. Cupra TDI 150

    Moving Rear Washer Fix - How to Guide

    As I promised I am finally getting round to doing a " How to guide " to fix the rear washer problem, this should sort the following problems: Moving washer jet when wiper is on Short length of jet Leaking screen wash from behind boot trim (could be hose popped off though) Please bare...
  14. Rear Reflective Panels

    Hi Guys I need to replace one of the reflective plastic panels on the back of my 8v Gti, But i`m a bit stuck,Does the central Seat "S" have a nut on it from behind? Also how do i remove the black trim with Ibiza written on it off the reflector? (is it just held on with double...
  15. Cal91

    Pictures of 6x9's behind rear panels?

    I am in the process of buying stuff to upgrade the sound in my car. Now I know 6x9's are **** and everyone hates them. But I don't want another subwoofer cos I need the boot space. So I have hunted for the best sounding 6x9's. The best so far are Alpine Type R 6x9's, the SQ is meant to be...
  16. Rear sway bar

    will a rear sway bar from a GTI fit on a FR?..as i can't seem to find any of these gadgets for the FR. i also believe the wheelbase is different between the 2 vehicles hence it may not fit if i had to purchase the GTI unit..can anybody please confirm?thanx
  17. alexj124

    Excessive wear on rear discs

    Evening guys, My rear discs were replaced probably 6-8 months ago as they were toast! today i had my M.O.T and they failed on the rears again. Now the garage werent conning me the discs were a mess (one worse than the other). The rear pads were still fine and looked pretty new. So what...
  18. lawrieIbizaMk4

    changing rear number plate lights, tutorial needed

    can some1 give me a quick tutorial on changing the rear number plate lights?
  19. MK2 Leon rear wiper arm removal?

    Hi guys, in the last few weeks treated myself to an 11month old orange K1:D I've noticed the rear wiper is catching the paint on the boot in the park position, ie its traveling to far round. As the car is still under warranty, I'd guessed that my local dealer could sort this for me. Yes they...
  20. Gooner_Mike

    Rear calipers Ibiza FR

    Alright folks, just a quicky: What are the calipers that I find on the rear of my Ibiza FR? Is there a part no.? Do any other VAG models share these calipers? Just thinking ahead to when I upgrade to 312mm front brakes as I want to refurb fronts and rears at the same time and it would be...
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