water leak in passenger side rear footwell


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Nov 10, 2009
Hi guys,

I have water getting in the back of the car, sometimes across both rear foot wells and sometimes just the passenger side rear footwell. I took it into a garage to get looked at and the mechanic said he couldn't find where it was getting in ( he put the hose over it etc he told me).

Could anyone shed any light on this?

I ahve searched the forum and only seen water leaks for the front of the car !

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It could be coming in through the front doors but falling into the rear footwell, this is what was happening to me. But it also could be the rear doors with the same problem!

The Terminator

or it could also be from

1/ a badly fitting pollen filter (passenger side, under the bonnet)

2/ a leak at the bulkhead under the scuttle panel, which comes down behind the pedals.
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