1. Smyg


    Hey, I'm going to order these OEM side blades from my SEAT dealer tomorrow morning. But it's mentioned that you need to buy two units of an "Adhesive kit" to mount the skirts. For this they want 50£ x 2 (100£ wtf). It seems to be a lot of money, since the skirts are already 410£ ...
  2. Oil leak - strange noise from drivers side of engine

    I have Sesat leon Cupra, 2003 and have noticed that when the engine is started from cold there is a slight noise from the drivers side of the engine which stops after about 30 - 40 seconds ! Sounds a little bit like a motor whirring ! Also today the red oil light started flashing, i topped up...
  3. Drivers Side Locking Problems

    Right, My drivers side lock started playing up couple of weeks back. It started by taking 2 - 3 presses of the unlock on the fob to unlock it. It then was sometimes worse and other times better. But now its stopped working all together and i cant lock or unlock it. Other than with the key...
  4. F8 CMR

    jack through side of car :(

    Hi guys, thought id make the most of the nice weather and paint the callipers, so i used my jack from the car on on side of the car and my trolley jack on the other side and unfortunately the trolley jack slipped therefore causing the hole car to twist and the jack from car went into the other...
  5. daboy3000

    Side Indicator removal

    Whats the best technique to do this, want to change the bulbs to remove the orange but remember snapping these on other cars in the past. I know its something like pushing them to one side and then pulling the other but which way round is it?
  6. revere

    water leak in passenger side rear footwell

    Hi guys, I have water getting in the back of the car, sometimes across both rear foot wells and sometimes just the passenger side rear footwell. I took it into a garage to get looked at and the mechanic said he couldn't find where it was getting in ( he put the hose over it etc he told me)...
  7. Finan

    Side Skirt Sizes?

    I've got a Mk3 Ibiza And wondering if they'll fit my mk2? are they the same sizes? i was gonna take one off and see but a lovely day just got spoiled by rain :(
  8. Rattle from drivers side when idle!

    Since buying this car, I have loved and hated it. This has just started without any alterations or anything being done to the car. the video shows how when idle it has a strange dull rattle, but the moment the revs increase it disappears. The...

    Side skirts and spoiler

    Has any one had any quotes on side skirts and spoiler for there bocanegra yet?
  10. Cupra-cal

    Side repeaters

    hey people does any one know if these will fit a 2004 leon?? it says up to '99 but surely the wing indicator/front wing design is no differnet??:think::think: i seen someone on here with them before but not sure...
  11. Gordz

    Smoked/Tinted Side Repeater Pics

    Just wondering if anyone has any smoked/tinted side repeaters like this or this? If so, would love to see some pics with how they look on a Leon (especially a platinum grey one ;))
  12. beavz_28

    help with side skirts!!

    Hi, basically i have a side skirt(well 3 now) that have the part number 1mo 853 853 and says LH on it i am pretty sure it is the left hand N/S skirt????? i tried ordering a O/S (drivers side) skirt 2ce now and now i have recieced a further 2 the same is this me being stupid or the other...
  13. help!! Smoked side repeaters.

    I have just bought a 07 plate Leon Fr TDI 170 and want to put some smoked side repeaters on it but ive looked every where and cant find any on line!! They dont seem to go up to 07!! Can anyone help on where I maybe able to get them?? Thanks
  14. Ting

    Passenger Side Door Lock Fault

    Hi all, Since an accident before Christmas (due to the bad weather), my passenger side door has been playing up. It was replaced with the garage who did the work and everything seemed fine at first. But a month after that it started acting up.. Basically; if I lock the car using the key...
  15. karizma_fas

    Returning from the Dark Side: New owner of a Mk4 Ibiza Cupra TDI

    HI all, I have moved from the dark side (Leon Cupra R) to bying a Mk4 Ibiza Cupra TDI :happy: Had an Ibiza Mk3 for my 1st car so doing a u TURN. Really happy with it, bit strange with the diesel noise but it's awesome when not at the fuel pump every 3 days! Garage attendant is missing...
  16. Timm

    rear drivers side window

    Hi i've got a rattle coming from the drivers side rear window, as if there something loose. i've looked and can see that its loose where the black trim is (near the door) but on the other side the window isn't loose atall. any ideas how to solve it or take the black trim off as it's...
  17. Side light bulbs

    :confused:How the bloody hell do you change them?
  18. switch off the side airbags on my Cupra

    Early start this morning, drove to Volkswagen Racing in Milton Keynes (42.2mpg) to let them see if they could switch off the side airbags on my Cupra so the new seats could go in. They were flat out building up racing Leons, and there were a few other interesting cars there inc 2 KTM X-bows...
  19. james walker

    bonnet raised on passenger side??

    any ideas on this one fellas, my bonnet is raised slightly on tthe passenger side, i can push it down and it moves down, drivers side is fine??
  20. França

    Side mirros

    sorry for the question but does the mk1 leon in england as the small side mirror on the passenger side? I'm from portugal and i have a regular side mirror on the driver side (lhd) and a small one on the passenger side (these are original side mirros) and i'm thinking on puting them both small
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