1. Door locking issue.. STILL

    so in my previous posts i had said about my drivers rear lock was not locking or unlocking.. so now i have replaced the door lock module and i have replaced the wiper motor and the drivers rear door wont do anything and i have to manually lock it with the little central locking stalk.. so now im...
  2. revere

    water leak in passenger side rear footwell

    Hi guys, I have water getting in the back of the car, sometimes across both rear foot wells and sometimes just the passenger side rear footwell. I took it into a garage to get looked at and the mechanic said he couldn't find where it was getting in ( he put the hose over it etc he told me)...
  3. Hole in rear passenger footwell!! :(

    got a hole in the rear passenger footwell. looks as if the jack has slipped from the jacking point when with its previous owner. it has pierced the footwell and now water flicks up from the tyre and straight through the hole!! :censored: absoluty soaking the floor!! what is the floorpan made...
  4. dead electrics passenger door

    Hi guys I recently bought a 02 plate leon and the passenger front door window doesnt work, either does the central locking, or electric mirror..? the sub and tweeter are fine. the passenger footwell appears to be damp. I think this could be related to my electrical problem. thanks. any advice...
  5. passenger door dead electrics

    Hi guys, I have an 02 plate leon 1.6 that I recently bought from a trade dealer. The passenger door electrics dont work, windows, mirrors, and central locking. The audio is fine. The boot interior light is not working also even after replacing a bulb. It appears the passenger footwell is damp...
  6. passenger door mirror wont fold? help plz

    hi guys was parking in a tight asda car park the other day, so went to fold my mirrors in and only the drivers side moves??? :think: so i checked what was working and both mirrors move and i can even hear what i think is the motor turning in the passenger mirror but no movement.. any...
  7. VAG Diesels Rul

    front passenger window switch replacement

    I need to replace the front passengers side window switch.I have looked on a few websites and even fleabay but I can't find one anywhere.Anyone know any sites that sell one. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Passenger footwell wires exposed

    Wondered if anyone could help with this query. I've recently bought an 07 FR TSI and when I pulled up at work today I noticed a wire hanging down from the ceiling of the passenger footwell. I leant over and saw that there doesn't appear to be a ceiling compartment at all in the footwell and...
  9. Ting

    Passenger Side Door Lock Fault

    Hi all, Since an accident before Christmas (due to the bad weather), my passenger side door has been playing up. It was replaced with the garage who did the work and everything seemed fine at first. But a month after that it started acting up.. Basically; if I lock the car using the key...
  10. Don Eason

    Passenger window switch.

    Heyya fella's.. My bro somehow managed to push in the middle part of the window switch in on the front passenger side (the part that lights up) now the switch has a hole in it and i think the bit landed into the mechanism as the switch opens the window, but cant be pushed down to close it...
  11. james walker

    bonnet raised on passenger side??

    any ideas on this one fellas, my bonnet is raised slightly on tthe passenger side, i can push it down and it moves down, drivers side is fine??
  12. twin2189

    fronts passenger electric window

    today i opened up my door to try and find out why my windows wasnt going down all the way i was thinking that it was catching on something but when i opened it it looked like some one had bodged it together and it all fell apart so my passenger windows is not working anymore, all of the cables...
  13. twin2189

    problems with passenger door on mk 4 ibiza

    my door gets stuck and wont open unless i push in the door and pull it at the same time also on the same door the window dosent go down all the way can any one help???
  14. Cal91

    Removing passenger seat?

    Easily done? Anyone done it? I understand it's 4 bolts. Reason being is that I want to mount an amp for my speakers under there. :p
  15. passenger floor wet

    hi all this is my first post so i apologise if i posted in the wrong section i started to notice a slight damp smell in my leon so decided to investigate and found that the passenger side floor is wet ( not soaked but wet enough) anyone any ideas where this could be coming from is it...
  16. tonipieleanu

    Passenger door won't close

    Hi all, I had a problem with my passenger door, it won't close. I'm not talking about locking, but won't actually close. It would open while driving :think: I tried to manually verify the locking mechanism by pushing the lock up, but it won't click. After trying a few times I managed to...
  17. veezee

    Help ASAP - No passenger side indicators or brake light!

    I need help, I'm really struggling to fix this and it has to be fixed, because at the moment I can't move the car. The left hand side indicators have all ceased to function - the one in the headlight, the side indicator and the one in the outer rear light cluster. The right hand side is...
  18. EnGbudd

    Water in passenger footwell and rear footwell

    Hi guys, i have a slight problem, after the snow i have been having a problem with water getting in my passenger footwell and the footwell in the passenger seat behind it. I have checked the seals and sunroof but these dont seem to be the problem. Im not sure whether i bottomed it out on the...
  19. Mystery washer fluid appearance - Altea rear passenger cupholder

    Hi all, hoping someone may have come across this issue....... I drive a Seat Altea XL 2.0 TDI DSG and have noticed that the rear washer is no longer squirting, however, the pump in the front works. There is now a mystery pool of washer fluid that turns up in the offside rear passenger cupholder...
  20. Jonesy

    Steering wheel wobble and knocking from front passenger side?

    as te title, would this be systoms of a knackered CV joint? The knocking occurs when turning right. :(
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