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Passenger footwell wires exposed


Wondered if anyone could help with this query. I've recently bought an 07 FR TSI and when I pulled up at work today I noticed a wire hanging down from the ceiling of the passenger footwell. I leant over and saw that there doesn't appear to be a ceiling compartment at all in the footwell and all the wires are exposed.

I phoned a local SEAT dealer who said that not all Leons have a ceiling piece. It looks to me like there should be one as there is a gap for something to clip in and it looks like something is missing.

Does everyone else have a ceiling piece? I know its nothing major but I'm curious and I can't take it in to the dealer until mid April to get them to look.



Dec 18, 2007
Mine hasn"t either 07 TFSI FR from new never noticed it at time spoke to dealer and Seat uk both said that some have them and others dont asked dealer to get one for me under warrenty but no joy they said that they are matched for each car and not mass produced just think they were trying to flob me off, my wires dont hang down so no probs but still should have one.


It's plugged in so it's only an excessive legth of wire that's prob come unclipped. It's not a problem, merely cosmetic. At least I know I've not been sold an incomplete car now!
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