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  1. rear bumper? any difference?

    is the any difference between a cupra rear bumper and say a normal ibiza chill one?
  2. Rear window de-mister problem?

    Hi, Have just had my 20,000 mile service on my Leon FR. I have noticed during this cold snap that one de-mister strip on the rear windscreen is not de-misting. I asked the service people in the Stealers to have a look at it, and lo and behold, they are not going to fix it under the...
  3. rear calipers

    hi, just wondering if any other cars share the same rear caliper as the toledo v5 170? one of mine is seized open so need to get hold of another one, as ebay has none for the v5 thanks
  4. mazzerati

    Rear adjusters

    Anyone running absolutely no adjusters at all even without the threaded seat? Wondering if it will be safe I know the spring can't come out of place for it to get through mot so any light shone will be nice thanks :)
  5. Timm

    Rear ratlle

    second thread today i know... ... i've got a rattle which is coming from the rear of the car, sound like it coming from the rear left but i have no idea what it is. i've check the exhaust and all is ok there but i'm thinking myabe suspension. its sitting on V-Maxx coilovers by the way...
  6. paul geraghty

    Mk2 Rear Shocks Change

    Is there anyone whom can give me a step by step guide to changing the rear shocks on a gti. Unfortunately they need changing and I am still out of work so cannot afford the garage bill I have spring compressors do you need to remove the brake calipers to do the job? Thats the bit that puts me...
  7. Brummy

    rear light cluster

    Ive given up trying to remove it before I slice my hand off. got the two screws no bother, can wiggle the cluster about, but can I shift if off the two inner clips? can I buggery!! looks like Ive been self-harming, as Ive several red weals across my wrist and a few small cuts.. Im calling it a...
  8. IvorBign's Eclipse Blue Sport 130. Now Selling :(

    Hello All! I bought this car a couple of weeks ago and have loved every minute of it!! some of you may recognise it from a few years back! Oh and yes i know its a lil multi-coloured but i cant afford to get that sorted, ill just have to live with it for now. Please not none of the work on...
  9. aterro

    Rear coilovers & strut brace

    hello right my rear coilovers damper bolt threaded. i have to hold the top of the coilover with a 7mm spanner then tighten up the lower bolt. Why is this? and because im trying to fit my rear strut brace it wont tighten up as when i just put a rachet and arm it just keeps turning...
  10. Rear washer coming out in passerger footwell?!

    When i squirt the rear washer jet it ends up in the passenger footwell which it a bit scary as it is full of electrics in there!! i know there is a common problem with the pipe in the boot but mine has given up even earlier!! haha! any ideas as to fixing this as i have no idea where the pipe...
  11. mazzerati

    Rear wiper

    Had a look at rear wiper I wanna take it off. Anyone shed any light on it for me I've tried pulling it but Its obviously notthe way to do it so if anyone can help :)
  12. karizma_fas

    Fabia rear wiper conversion kit for Ibiza?

    Do you get a Fabia rear wiper and conversion kit for a 2005 Mk4 Ibiza Cupra TDI? If so best place to get one? Thanks Mark
  13. sambryant

    what rear light do you like most.

    hi all, i got some smoked out lights and i not sure what i like most, so with all your help i might make the right choice. just to let u no i did clean the car after the pics were taken :D pic 1 standard lights pic 2 smoked lights so what do you guys think!!!
  14. leon_lib

    rear washer isn't spraying at full pressure

    Hi all iv got a problem my rear washer isn't spraying at full pressure it just trickles out, iv had my mate take a quick look he blew the jet out with air and checked for leaks and nothing. I'm thinking there must be a blockage somewhere. Do you think it's a trip to the stealers or can I sort...
  15. tom w

    mk3 rear strut brace

    right i am looking at getting a rear brace, 1st off do they make much diffference? 2nd does the mk2 one off strutbracer fit? 3rd i'm sure i've been told the mk1 golf rear brace fits is this right? before i get slated i have searched! and it seens to be mostly readers rides and i cannot...
  16. Rear drivers door wont lock help please

    Right guys ive bought a mk1 seat leon 1.9tdi and tonight i went to the petrol station and got home locked the car and the interior light wouldnt go off, i checked the drivers door and it was locked but the passengers door behind the driver was not locked, i tried again and again but still no...
  17. Rear Arches!

    Got a quote fro etting my rear arches & front bumper resprayed £320 just thought id share that with ya as it seems a gd price to me! what u guys/gals think?
  18. adjusting free play in rear bearings

    can somebody remind me of the process. tighten up till theres no play and the nut is tight then let it off a little bit? :think:
  19. Seized rear calipers

    as per title on my 97 Ibiza gti 16v. Anyone got any tips? mucho gracias
  20. Has anyone fitted ome seat rear parking sensors ?

    Just a quick ask, to see if anyone on here has fitted rear parking sensors to a mk1 leon fr+ pd150 ? If so how easy is it ? How long ? any help welcome !
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