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  1. m.r.davies

    rear washer leaking - how to fix?

    Hi all I've taken the boot trim off, and turned the back washer on and the water is peeing out of the red section highlighted here: is there a fix for this, or do i need to buy a new car? Thanks Mark
  2. Switch by rear seat

    I've done a search and looked in the manual but cant find anything about it. The little switch/button on the driver side down the side by the rear seat. Whats it for? :confused: Cheers, Ben
  3. Rear washer Jet *HELP*

    Could anyone tell me where the best access point is to the rear washer fluid pipe? When I use it the fluid comes out the r/o/s wheel arch. Is it accessed under the wheel arch or from the inside of the boot? Thanks
  4. mick-fr

    Rear Light Bulb

    Hello all, Just noticed one of my Bootlid Tail Bulbs are out. Can anyone point me in the direction as to which kind of bulb it is? I should have time to get down to Halfrauds tonight hopefully, then the task of fitting it :lol: Thanks
  5. Does the rear S badge come off cleanly?

    As the title says really. I'm looking to debadge the car, I'm guessing the words come off quite easy but car logos are sometimes aligned with a couple of plastic pegs, and a corresponding hole or two in the bonnet. Do SEAT do the same? I guess this is specific to Toledo's, the other cars seem...
  6. jrsmooth

    Photos of rear K1 / BTCC / Aero Kit Bumper

    Hello, I have searched both this forum and google but cannot really seem to find many decent photographs. Basically I am in the process of having a new exhaust and I am undecided on which one to get. I have the K1/Aero/BTCC kit on my car. Also due to the fact some cars are all colour coded...
  7. GTV

    rear drum question

    I have to remove and replace the rear cylinder on my Vario over the weekend, just a quick question does anybody know the size of the bolt holding it on? many thanks
  8. aterro

    Rear caliper piston

    i was removing my pads on rear then saw piston usually you would just g clamp it in on most cars. so i started using this http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/f/piston/p/Tools/Vehicle-Service/Brake-Service-Tools/Brake-System-Tools/?SEAVS024&0& and the piston is still solid. the car passed...
  9. lcr rear bumper difuser mod

    Hi guys am really interested in looking into modding my back bumper...where the black plastic piece is at the bottom which the exhaust comes out of.....I wanted to know does anyone supply a diffuser for this section....like found on the clio sports?if not does anyone know if these come off the...
  10. Eclipse Blue Ibiza with a Cupra rear bumper picture?

    Does anyone have a picture of an Eclipse Blue Ibiza with a Cupra rear bumper on it? im pretty sure im going to get one next month but i wanted to know what it would look like in that colour? Or will I be the 1st?!:D
  11. smooth rear wiper

    looking to get a smooth rear wiper arm and blade, can anyone tell me which one i need? A friend of mine has an ibiza with a mk5 polo one on will this fit my leon mk1?? cheers guys
  12. rear washer stopped working?

    Ive heard its a common problem! my washer has stopped working. blade is moving and i can hear the motor?? any advise?
  13. Timm

    rear drivers side window

    Hi i've got a rattle coming from the drivers side rear window, as if there something loose. i've looked and can see that its loose where the black trim is (near the door) but on the other side the window isn't loose atall. any ideas how to solve it or take the black trim off as it's...
  14. MK R BOY

    rear jet washer problem

    Hi all Just the other day I used my rear jet washer/wiper on my 04 R and the wiper works fine and the water comes out but where it used to shoot stright up the window, it now effectively follows the wiper arm. So the water jet is moving back and forth with the arm. Had a little look and...
  15. itfben

    Could you get 10" wide tyres on the rear?

    Seen some alloys I like but the rears are 10"wide would they fit under the rear aches or not? If not how could I get round this?
  16. Strange sliding feeling at rear of car.

    I've had new tyres fitted at the rear (F1 assymetric) and had 4 wheel alignment done. Since was done there has been a sensation the the rear wheels either hopping slightly or sliding momenterily then regaining grip. It was worst the first time I drove it, the traction light was coming on...
  17. crazybrumi

    Rear Reverse Lights Dont work

    Hi i have bought my first car the other week and only just realised that my reverse lights dont seem to be working, i have changed the bulbs checked the fuse even had the reverse switch changed to no avail. what am i missing, could this be an earthing issue? i think this but then i also think...
  18. Funkyfin2000

    Rear Brake Squeel in Reverse?

    Hi Guys, I have had new pads and discs fitted at the rear. I think they were ATE discs (which are what SEAT use as I understand) and Pagid pads. On reverse they squeel. The brakes have been off and cleaned, copper greased, bit of the pad shaved off etc etc. Its normally worse in the...
  19. aterro

    rear strut brace

    just a quickie. rear strut brace you have the rubber mount then a little metal cup then a nut in middle over damper. then do you just put strut brace over the nuts of the coilovers? regards
  20. Rear washer, where has it come off??

    Iv not had a rear washer all winter and decided today it was time to fix the problem. My first check was under the airbox as this is where it had come off last year but this was still in tact. Next i removed the cover of the boot where the motor wiper is housed and all was in tact there. What...
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