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  1. richypanic

    Rear hub bolt thread

    HHEELLPP!!! Just went to change wheel on the car and 2 of the 4 wheel bolt holes have completely lost their thread. Basically only 2 bolts securely holding the rear wheel on. The thread has gone completely as bolts simply slide in and out with no resistance. Now, is it a big job to sort this...
  2. Rear Silencer Heat Shield

    Hi Guys, My rear silencer heat shield is loose and missing bolts, as i'm missing the bolts i've no idea what they look like, not even sure what the part number is to order, can anyone help me out? Seat Ibiza Cupra TDI '05
  3. Righttoe

    Rear Wheel Camber

    Hi guys, I've noticed recently that my passenger side rear wheel has alot of negative camber, so from behind it looks like this - /---| Drivers side loooks fine but passengers is sqwif! Also, had tires changed recently and the passenger side had worn away the inside massivly! Car...
  4. Rear light tint

    LaminX gunsmoke tint film...good idea for rear lights or not? Would they stil be road legal?
  5. rear springs upside down!?!?

    ive recently put my weitech spring and dampner kit on my LCR and rang dpm(my suplier) to confirm which way up i should put my backk springs....they said the serial number goes the right way up which makes sence, so this meant the tighter coils go to the bottom......have had no problems since...
  6. Cupra Kid

    How to remove the rear bumper?

    Hi Guys The MK3 has taken a bad whack this last week and i need to get the rear bumper off, how do i do this? Thanks in advanace
  7. nc30rider

    Guide: How to fix the common leaking rear washer pipe in the Boot/Passenger footwell

    I had to fix it myself so I decided to write a small guide on how to fix the common washer jet leak in the boot/passenger rear footwell. Appologies for the quality of the pictures, I used my phone to take them. 1. Remove the rear Parcel shelf 2. Undo the 2 screws shown in the picture and...
  8. ets2k9

    De-badged rear pic requst?

    Just have some pics of debadged rears. Thinking of ditching the Leon badge. Cheers Steve
  9. nc30rider

    What needs to be removed to fix the rear screen wash leak?

    As the title asks, the usual leak I was in my boot this affo and noticed the carpet is damp on the O/S near the rear seat. The rear seat squab is also a little wet where it meets the boot carpet. No puddles etc. just damp. It smells of the strong screen wash that I use in the car. I did use the...
  10. cuprachris81

    Changing Rear Brake Pads

    I have about 3-4mm left on my brake pads but figured id change them anyway, taken the wheels off but can't see how to loosen the caliper in order to get the new brake pads in.. I'm sure i sound like noob :confused: but any help will be greatly appreciated below is a picture of what it...
  11. epts2008

    Rear seat question

    Bit of a random question but does anyone know if you can get 3 child seats in the rear seats of the Leon?? Thanks
  12. rear fog bulb change

    Can anybody tell me how to remove rear fog lens? 2005 Toledo. Hand book says to insert cross head screwdriver into hole under lens and turn in direction of arrow. Found hole ok but I have been sitting on my ass for the past 20 mins trying to remove what in my opinion is an imaginary screw. I'm I...
  13. Rear window heater two bars broken.

    So, Rear window heater, two pf the bars don't heat and demist the window. Any way to sort it? Or do I just put up? I know with simple electric circuits that broken you can draw a pencil line over the break and that sorts it, any chance there's a similar cheapo method to sort this? Or is...
  14. rear wiper doesnt wipe properly

    Hey again guys. So there is another problem ( boring I know, sorry. This time rear wiper blad doesnt wipe all the surface but middle part only. I mean it doesnt wipe where it supposed to do, as wiper doesnt touch the glass in many times (ends of wiper blade).It is bosch rear blade (new) Any...
  15. Is it easy DIY to change rear wiper motor and boot lock??

    Hello. As in title. Does anybody have a pictures or something??? Thanks
  16. Pabs

    Mk4 ibiza cupra/fr rear engine cover support bracket part no needed

    Hey all, I'm looking for some assistance from a helpful mk4 ibiza cupra/fr owner. For some very strange reason, I have a component missing from my car, of which part numbers don't seem to exist, and SEAT are unable to get me a replacement. I can't find it on ETKA either. In basic terms...
  17. stevesulsh

    Rear Washer/Wiper

    how to gain access to rear washer/wiper? After trying to wash rear screen the jet feebly squirts about a quarter of the way up but washer fluid then seems to seep out of the bottom of both rear lights, question is how do i gain access to the connection for the rear washer jet?? i am assuming...
  18. TDi_B5

    Rear mudflap part numbers?

    Does anyone know what the part numbers are for the rear arosa mudflaps?
  19. Rear wheel alignment

    Can anyone on here tell me if the rear wheels are adjustable on a 2007 Leon FR? The reason I ask is that I know my front wheels need aligned due to tyre wear, but it's a lot cheaper just to get the front wheels aligned and it seems a bit pointless to have 4 wheel laser alignment if the rears...
  20. rear washer problem

    got a 53 plate leon cupra ,no water from rear washer but motor works and got water leaking in the boot,cant see a leak anywhere from pipes etc...any ideas?:cry:
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