Has anyone fitted ome seat rear parking sensors ?



I've got a Meta SR2 kit that fits behind the number plate.
It was really easy to fit & no drilling was required. It’s a very neat bit of kit & is hardly noticeable.
The little noise box sits in your spare wheel well & you simply cut into the reversing light wire to give it power every time you stick it in reverse.

The sensitivity can be adjusted & has so far been really useful. :D

Halfords sell them although I didn't pay the extortionate price there currently charging.


I recently bought some sensors for the Mrs' new car and they were already on my LCR when i bought it.

I did some digging before i bought and there was one thing that I kept being told. The ones that sit behind the number plate or as a plate surround only work for objects that are directly behind and not at either side. I could be wrong but this was the advice given.

The ones on the Leon are the "4 pot" version so there are 4 small sensors in the rear bumper - i have to be honest i would prefer an invisible solution but this one works well and was already there - they are also colour coded and not easily noticeable.

The ones i got for the Mrs were the same style and also came with a LCD display to show you how close you were on each side.


They also do a mobile fitting option if you prefer - which i did. Didn't fancy letting myself loose on her brand new car.

IMO they are worth the money esp if you have to parallel park in tight spaces on a steep hill like we have to.
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