1. cfcmick

    Latest addition waiting to be fitted

    Just took delivery of these Quick coat of rimwax and hopefully my friendly tyre fitter won't be too busy tomorrow to fit the tyres on the rims ;)
  2. Tartan58

    At last - got a boot lip spoiler fitted!

    Well I've wanted a subtle boot lip spoiler for ages but never seen it done on a Toledo and nowhere seemed to do one specifically for the Toledo. After much research and e-mailing I finally found a supplier on e-bay who could (a) supply one to the correct length to fit the Toledo and (b) paint...
  3. Cupra r 225bhp

    fitted forge split r lost a little power????

    hi there some of you guys may remember me, i use to have black cupra r now i have a new one which is the same but in red. :lol: last night i fitted a forge dump valve split r on it and it has lost acceleration performance, does anyone know the right click setting :confused: thanks in advance;)
  4. davyboy

    Anyone thats fitted Eibach Sportline springs

    Quick question for those who have fitted Sportlines do you or have you used two new axle bolts read someware that its a must to get new ones is this true and is there a correct torque setting for these.
  5. Best tyres for 04 leon cupra tdi and does anyone have a TDI tuning box fitted?

    Hi Can anyone please tell me if they have fitted Toyo T1R tyres to the leon cupra tdi. Are they any good? If not, what tyres are good. My front tyres are starting to ressemble slicks now so any advice would be much appreciated. Also, was thinking of plugging in a TDi tuning box, approx £80...
  6. s2celly

    New FK ARB Fitted

    Can now have more then two people in my car without the anti roll bar hitting the drive shafts :D was going to buy new adjustable drop links but didn't like the idea of cutting them down. So it had to be a new ARB Front bottom sub frame had to be lowerd New ARB with bigger hoops
  7. New Rims fitted today .

    Here are the pics of my Beefa with the 17" Momo Strike's fitted , much better than the standard multi-spokes I reckon . What are your thought's ?
  8. ChrWh

    Has Anyone Fitted LED Sidelights to Double Headlamp Cluster?

    hi guys, as in the title. wondering if anyone has fitted these? and which type of LED sidelight they have used. Are there any bulb warning lights? pictures would be great aswell, cheers
  9. Cowie

    Catch tank fitted .....eventually

    Finally got some pics up of the new catch tank fitted,all seems well so far.
  10. DaveysFR


    Hi guys, I am looking at buying an 18 inch set of BBS CH deep dish reps for my Mk2 Cupra. The guy I am buying them off says to put 8 inch wide rims on the front and 9 inch wide on the rears. I will be reusing my 225/40/18 tyres from my standard Cupra wheels. But I wreckon 8 inch wide all round...
  11. New brakes fitted

    Had me audi tt brake calipers and new discs n pads fitted last night . Already impressed with the feel and there not even beddid in yet !! Pics tofollow . They look far better and as I said perform better to. Defo a worth while upgrade. Breakdown of cost tt carriers plus calipers £70 red...
  12. DanLewis1991

    Badgeless Grill *Fitted Post #14*

    just bought an FK badgeless grill. what are peoples thoughts on these? ive never really liked them but i was looking at my car today and i thought id try one on ther and see how it looks, so i just got one for £35 off eGay any pics on a luna grey/silver ibiza? ive got the plate rescess...
  13. 35mm springs fitted yesterday??

    Iv just had 35mm springs fitted front and rear yesterday. but doesnt seem 2 be low enough..any ideas on making it lower??
  14. Has anyone fitted ome seat rear parking sensors ?

    Just a quick ask, to see if anyone on here has fitted rear parking sensors to a mk1 leon fr+ pd150 ? If so how easy is it ? How long ? any help welcome !
  15. Got my Porsche reps back from powder coaters *NOW FITTED* UPDATE

    Thought I start my own thread on these after sort of taking over someone elses (sorry Garry) lol. I bought them about a month ago but they were in need of a refurb. I've been after a set of these for about a year now they aren't produced anymore which made my search abit harder. They are...
  16. Fitted my new alloys today!!!

    Hi all. Just thaught I'll put a few pics up of my Tolly with his new shoes. I love it. What do you all reckon? Thanks to Rich for the wheels. Extremely helpful and the wheels are like new. Thanks Rick!!!
  17. fitted a wd5060

    after hard consideration and reading LOTS of post i decided to try a China aftermarket unit. so far I'm very happy. a few things to consider on fitment. the guide in FAQ is Very useful and help with removal of old radio , had unit out within 5 Min's. i routed cables down through dash...
  18. Paddle Shift fitted to 1.6 DSG ??

    Hi All, Does anyone know (possibly "Techie"), if you can fit FR/Cupra Steering wheel with Paddle shift controls to a 1.6 SC Sport with DSG???
  19. THS Quickshift fitted

    Got the quickshift fitted yesterday am. Pretty reasonable price, £50 for the THS one, much cheaper than the forge and neuspeed versions. Saw the review about it in Redline last month where they fitted it in their mk1 tt. Their review was pretty positive so thought i'd give it a go. Got a local...
  20. new blueflame fitted

    hi had my blueflame cat back fitted today.iv also had blueflame take out centre box and run a straite pipe to backbox.also got a scorpion decat pipe on.the exhaust is very quite and sounds abit like a 1.2 corsa im abit gutted as all the other turbo cars iv had exhausts fitted to sounded...
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