fitted a wd5060


after hard consideration and reading LOTS of post i decided to try a China aftermarket unit.

so far I'm very happy.

a few things to consider on fitment. the guide in FAQ is Very useful and help with removal of old radio , had unit out within 5 Min's.

i routed cables down through dash, along bottom of glove box and out via side trim up onto to of windscreen, took no more that 10 Min's and no cable visible. also area behind trim is good for storing excess cable. i drilled small hole in glove box and put the USB connector in there.

all cables fitting very well, i pushed OEM block back through dash and sat above unit to connect new wires.

the only problem i found was where the SD cards slot into unit there is a mental box that wouldn't fit gap so i had to trim the internal dash to suit, very easy but wouldn't of been my first choice of things to do as its meant to fit.

Also remember to remove CD screws before fitting:redface:

(will update with pics when I'm able to post them.)



Not to be annoying, but there is a guide on this site about fitting the Waywell system, the WD6050, and one of the first things it says is to carve out some space for the SD card reader to fit!

I fitted my Waywell last year and remember being thankful I had read the part about removing the plastic!

Enjoy the unit!


I think the posting is either by DanGB, or webhype...cant remember. Seach WD6050 and see what comes up - I pressume when you say you have the wd5060, you actually mean the WD6050?


Mazda 3 MPS
Mar 22, 2009
I bought mine off of Max last month.

Fitted it right away doing all the nessecary triming away. Routed the GPS up the passenger side pillar and have yet to stuck it on the windscreen behind the rear view mirror.
Also added a USB cable to it, as it did not come with one. That was tricky as i had to take apart the whole unit and solder onto the main board. Like you, i have the usb cable in my glove box along with an AUX IN 3.5mm audio jack.

Also there is a patch so that you can access the WinCE on the NAVI side of the unit.

Today just fitted my reverse camera, routed the Video cable up the passeneger side, and the power from the fusebox beside the driver, down to the rear.
Tough job, but looks the part :)

Happy with my unit too, great little buy that does a hell of alot!
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