1. Fitted Ds2500 not so great, poss need Brake Fluid change?

    Hiya all Fitted so new ds2500 pads and some discs from badger about 2 weeks back and there just not feeling that great, no where near as good as i would have expected and have done just over 300m on them, did the bedding in procedure and warm them up but still no massive improvement on old...
  2. Eibach Pro Dampers and Springs fitted :)

    My pd130 has done 103k now and the suspension was feeling tired to say the least, and as I've decided to keep it I thought I'd better sort the suspension. Had a bit of a mission fitting the fronts along with new wishbones, drop links & top mounts yesterday; I didnt manage to start it until...
  3. rsmith

    High CF's, new logs with FMIC fitted

    Hello All, I need help, I have a MY05 LCR, with the mods listed in my sig below, anytime I do logging I always see lots of CF’s, I have read a bit about them and basically they are correction factors and caused by the ECU retarded the timing for a few different reasons? that’s great, but I...
  4. kupraking

    Just fitted forge quickshift :)

    What a difference, this is a must mod. Car feels enjoyable to drive instead of an effort. If anyone is planning on fitting a quickshift kit I would advise buying a claw puller as it's hard to seperated the linkage from the gearbox.
  5. Fox god

    Fox Gods LCR (FMIC fitted)

    Hi guys, I've been on here a while learning from you all and sticking my 10 pence in here and there. So i thought it was time i did a readers ride thread, good times eh :D I've wanted an lcr for years and in dec 08 after looking at focus st's and astra vxr's i decided seat still did it...
  6. demonear

    Any examples of a Cupra only fitted with skirts/spoiler?

    It needs to be the Facelift model.. This is all I need to see to make a decision buying the car. Any pics or guidance towards where to find an example would be great! Thanks, you've all been a great help guys!! :) demonear
  7. anyone had a bodykit fitted? how much was it?

    interested in buying a kit or partial kit, i know the price for the kit - roughly about 800 pounds, but wondered how much anyone has paid for spraying and fitting. thanks paul
  8. Brad's Platinum Grey Revo Stage 2 Leon Cupra R

    Hello All :) Well, yesterday was the end of an era for the tdi as she got part exchanged for my LCR, sad to see her go, but guess it was time to move on. Here are a few pics of my new LCR :D Inside the showroom After picking the LCR up :D please excuse the dirt already from britains...
  9. keskin kt1's FITTED

    what are peoples thoughts on these? just bought a set, 16" 9" wide. polished dish with black center? they are for my ovni yellow ibiza. still undecided if i like them or not.
  10. Does anyone have RNS510 and Premium BT fitted?

    As the title, anyone got both fitted?
  11. Reuvers

    VW '92 Jetta G60 Eaton Kompressor (New rims!)

    Alright then, I sold the Cordoba Cupra a few weeks back leaving me with the Golf 1 daily. However I was missing the power of the Cupra so needed to find a replacement. I had set my mind on a Jetta because of space reasons, and wanted it with a G60. After quite a bit of searching I...
  12. Jonesy's LC - Jetex and TIP

    Been on here for a few months and never posted up pics of my car, so here goes. Bought on 68k last April, but didn't start driving until MOT & Tax ran out on my previous car (July), so it's now sitting on 71k Some pics when I first bought it, after I'd given it a wash, clay, polish and...
  13. Dave_88

    Bonnet Bra fitted =)

    Look what Santa brought me!! :D Was abit fiddly to get to sit right but I like it. But as I am well aware will not be to everyones tastes!
  14. ConradJellyfish

    Has anybody fitted this ebay fabia rear wiper kit?

    Evening All, I Know on the auction it says Leon, however has anybody actually bought this kit from this particular seller, As want one, but dont wana take the plunge if its a crap kit. Cheers, J :)
  15. jase750

    ATE power discs fitted

    Finally got round to fitting the 312mm brakes today as SEAT intended Not the best looking set up. Now that's a whole lot better :D just need to bed them in now
  16. gex18

    Forge TIP fitted - now boost problems (resolved!)

    As per the title really. Me and a friend fitted the forge TIP to my Cupra a few days back, and where as before it was peaking at 1.4 / 1.5 bar (its running a Revo stage 1 map) it now refuses to go past 0.9 bar and is noticeably slower / less torquey:( Suggestions? All vac pipes seem ok and...
  17. Whiteline Anti-lift kit fitted

    Made the journey down to JKM yesterday and had the WALK fitted, The difference is unbelievable, There is more steering feel you know exactly what the front tyres are doing, SO much more grip than before, going round a corner and stick your foot down and there isn't hardly any wheel spin, whereas...
  18. Damoegan

    INA mani - who has fitted one?

    As the title. Cant remember off the top of my head if there are any of the mk4's running a INA mani. Would just realy want to know if you needed any specioal spanners or anything?
  19. Dog Bone Bushes Fitted

    Hi all I fit my Powerflex dog bone bushes a few days ago and just thought I would let you know what I think. Positives: * Exhaust note is much deeper and noticeable * No wheel hop * The front end feels more planted (dog bone bushes combined with my new Eibach ARB's lol). * Seems to...
  20. Just fitted a liquid gauge...

    ...and done a couple of power runs. How accurate is the gauge? Car is an Ibiza Cupra TDI with a custom remap and a panel filter. 45k miles on the clock. Never been rr'd but was presuming about 200bhp. Now this should be taken with a huge pinch of salt but the gauge thinks the car has...
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