1. artemis_1991

    New Weitec Coilovers PICTURES

    Just got a new set of Weitec HICON GTN's from Euro Performance £310ish Delivered, New topmounts from VW Spares, new bearings from GSF and everything got here last friday. When the set came i was quite impressed by the apparent quality for the price. For anyone who doesnt know, the GTN's are...
  2. White_Lady_170

    H7 6000k HID Kit fitted. What H1 Full Beam and H3 Foglight bulbs to match?

    Folks, I currently have a 6000k dipped beam HID kit fitted to my car. i have a set of LED sidelights still to fit as there were difficulties with them (wasnt sure of the correct way to install the resistors that are needed) My question is... if i dont wish tospened the money on a H1 Full...
  3. has anyone fitted alloy bumper trims?

    one those alloy bumper trims to protect top edge of rear bumper when loading seen one on seat factory website got a couple of scratches on mine would hide them nicely.
  4. Phillc

    THS hoses / Gauges fitted

    Well the THS hoses come on Thursday, water, boost and Tip, then the wife said she was going to take my son to see his gran for the week end did i want to come, well the cars going to have its MOT on Friday so i had better give the car a once over i said ;) All week end to spend working on the...
  5. Black TDI Turbo

    Craig's LEON FR+ ... Full Paint Correction :) Page 6

    Hi all well had my LEON for a week now nearly and still love it :) Its a FR+ model. Thought id start a thread as i plan to do some subtle mods nothing over the top. Well heres some pics before and after a quick was n polish. Mods Done: UPDATED Private plate fabia rear wiper arm, 6000k...
  6. stevegti6

    new leather recaros fitted

    really getting there with the leon now got hold of some nice leather recaros off my good mate mr barnes
  7. I fitted a uni intercooler haveing a bit of trouble

  8. Adz87

    Newly fitted Lupo Mirrors

    So i fitted some lupo mirris instead of the normal oval or squarish leon ones as i've always thought they where slightly to large for my liking. i was talking to a friend of mine and he suggested some lupo mirrors. I've always liked it on a golf but not seen anyone leons with them. So i...
  9. strut braces fitted!

    finally got the rear one done today! here's the front, along with my home-bodged induction kit thingy. I've retained the lower part of the airbox as it acts as a semi heatshield and also that warm air flap thing still does its job. seems to work well!
  10. how i fitted my uni intercooler

    this is a guide to try and help people as i found there was a lack of info on t'internet! please post constructive comments or dont! firstly, THIS IS ONLY A GUIDE, I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF YOU DAMAGE YOUR CAR OR YOURSELF. PLEASE TAKE ALL NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS AND IF IN DOUBT...
  11. Fitted air filter - terrible noise

    Hi, I just fitted an induction kit to see what it would sound like before purchasing an expensive proper one - I got a cheap £10 one off ebay and fitted it, but after fitting it when putting my foot on the gas it revs up nicely but then when the revs go down theres a horrible sucking sound...
  12. NickLCR

    NickFR's Ibiza FR TDi *Milltek Cat- Back :: Proper Oval*

    Been on here for ages now, finally getting my first mod in the next few days, so thought I might aswel start a thread! Here goes, here it is; Thats as it stands now. really need to get Mr_Dave out with his SLR to get some decent ones. AP coilovers should be with me in the...
  13. Spud_G40

    Fitted new coil packs - NOW FIXED! :)

    I wonder if someone can help me/make any sense of this. To start with the whole story: In september I took my car off the road for 2 and 1/2 months, while I took off my manifold, KO3S, TIP, Full turbo back exhaust system, while I sourced GT28 Parts. While it was off the road, I have taken...
  14. Cupra Gsy

    Has anyone fitted Hottuning coilovers

    If so did you use your top mount bearing cuz when i had mine done they said they would only fit without them and now when you lock the steering over there is a twang sound coming from the coilovers it sounds like the helper spring and the main spring hitting each other
  15. Dealer fitted LSD and power upgrade

    Hello just been reading an article in Autocar which states SEAT UK are considering a dealer fitted power upgrade to 300 bhp and LSD to compete against the new Focus RS and to comply with the Dunlop Sport Maxx Cup modifications. No mention of when or how much though !
  16. Pollen Filter fitted or not ?

    I've posted in another section but not had any replies :( I've serviced my son's car and all parts suppled have fitted great - even the £40+ plat plugs :D I've search this site to find the location of the pollen filter :confused::confused: 1) Under the plastic panel beneath the...
  17. CupraR_Lad

    Hid Zenon Kit fitted <MK1 LCR>

    Today George (my mate with the Cooper s) and myself fitted a HID 8000 Xenon kit to my Leon. He had already carried this mod out on his BMW 3 Series and Corsa C. Install went pretty smoothly apart from trying to find places to mount the ballasts. We ended up cable tying one to the outside of...
  18. Fitted my FMIC today what you think

    fitted my ths type 1 intercooler today, bit of a bummer to do, found it easyer to buy a extra bend and use it than the other way some of you told me to use. few pics :
  19. My Polo 9N TDi Sport - Coilies Fitted!

    I know it isn't a Seat, but I am sure some of the Ibiza Guys and Gals will appreciate it. I have now got some stuff sorted on my car so I thought I would get some pics posted! Here is the spec as it stands: VW Polo TDi Sport 100 PD - Pearlescent Metallic Grey Superchips Chip (Around 130BHP)...

    just fitted ramair induction and a light has come on!!

    as the title says, is it to do with the maf sensor that is just hanging around???
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