Best tyres for 04 leon cupra tdi and does anyone have a TDI tuning box fitted?


Can anyone please tell me if they have fitted Toyo T1R tyres to the leon cupra tdi. Are they any good? If not, what tyres are good. My front tyres are starting to ressemble slicks now so any advice would be much appreciated.
Also, was thinking of plugging in a TDi tuning box, approx £80 from ebay. Anyone fitted one, does it make any difference to performance/ecconomy.
And finally, one of the clips on the side of my stereo is broken. Do i need to go direct to Seat for a replacement or can i get them from aftermarket type places.



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Jul 14, 2009
Pretty sure these tuning boxes just force the engine to intake more fuel, probably causing a lot of smoke and excessive fuel consumption. I would say avoid and get yourself a proper remap for around £250.


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Jul 2, 2008
Don't buy a tuning box, save your money for a remap or you'll be changing your sensor every 6 months
Jan 22, 2007
some may say lala land....
i have the toyo and all seems fine with me.
plenty of grip after a fair few miles (not accurate as n idea when i did them but over 6months ago) & can still see the colours in the treads

tuning box - no do not use.
plenty in the tdi section on this giving reasons as to a no


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Jul 22, 2008
Not tried the toyos but can recomend Bridgestone RE050A- super sticky, best dry tyre I've used, 9k from a set of fronts but would buy again, also recommend Goodyear F1A's, not as good as Bridgestones in the dry but better in the wet would buy again but only lasted 7k. Currently have Avon ZV5, won't buy again, got more milage out of them (going to reach about 10k)but don't offer level of grip, composure and confidence of the other two and therefore have been a little reluctant to use as hard as the others mentioned. Just about to try some Continental Sport 2.

As for tuning box, as above plenty of reasons not to in the derv section.

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May 15, 2005
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Another no to the "tuning" box. All it does, regardless of what type it is, is to increase the amount of fuel that gets injected. A remap will also change the boost pressure at which the N75 shifts the turbo vanes. You will get a bit more power with a box but it will smoke and as a result it'll coke up the VNT mechanism on your turbo quite quickly.

Boxes don't have any effect on the N75 or the input from the coolant temp, MAF and MAP sensors. You need data from all of these to efficiently and safely up the power of the TDi engine.
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