1. Cone, or box filters

    Dear All, My first post here, though read for a while. I have a Leon FR 1.9tdi (150 bhp 55 plate) and have been thinking of starting to sorting the air flow out, and intake seems the cheapest place to start. Now i know you can just drop a new panel filter into your box with minimal effort...
  2. dan1990

    Fuse Box

    I know it has been posted a thousand times but just to clarify am i right in thinking it is my fuse box at fault which is causing the fans and the a/c not to work?? The little multi plug that it leads off towards the fans seems to have power running to it. :s
  3. wezy0

    seat leon fr.1,8t air box

    hi all.:D just got k an n .should i drill the air box or not.
  4. Best tyres for 04 leon cupra tdi and does anyone have a TDI tuning box fitted?

    Hi Can anyone please tell me if they have fitted Toyo T1R tyres to the leon cupra tdi. Are they any good? If not, what tyres are good. My front tyres are starting to ressemble slicks now so any advice would be much appreciated. Also, was thinking of plugging in a TDi tuning box, approx £80...
  5. Tunit Box

    Anyone here put a Tunit Box on a PD100 Ibiza ?
  6. What 5 Speed Box For AUQ 1.8T 20V Engine

    Hi All, Any know what choices have I . I'm looking to put a AUQ 20V T into a MK2 Golf. I want to have it on a fluid clutch and use a modern box with it. I don't wnat the long ranges of an 02J 6 speed and would prefer a 5 speed, maybe something out of a VRS. Could anyone tell me the...
  7. Pedal Box Concerns

    Im due to pick my ibiza cupra up in a few days, I was looking forward to it, but now im a little bit aprehensive, Ive read about the few problems that they have, pedal box, fuse box etc, Ive since spoken to a VAG specialist (Midlands VW) and he said "pedal boxes fail due to the clutches...
  8. markmeus

    Clicking noise coming from fuse box

    Since I got my Ibiza, ive noticed a clicking noise coming from what I'd imagine is the fuse box (if its in the same place as my mk3) - lower right of the dash, below the steering wheel. It can be heard when the ignition is on and when the engine is running. It sounds like a relay or something...
  9. Cupra R back box onto my original cupra tdi exhaust?

    Hi all :). I was planning to put a cupra R backbox on my cupra tdi but will it be a straight fit or will it need modifiying to make it? Can anyone help? :help:
  10. Willie

    Adjusting gear box linkages

    Found this on an American VW site. If you have problems getting into gear this will help you discount the linkages. Some of us have aftermarket GB linkages. When I fitted mine I didn't do any of this and still sometimes have an issue with getting into 2nd...
  11. Diesel tuning box and bad weather - word of warning...

    Hi Just letting you know about a problem I had with my tuning box. It was a box from - Roverron tuning. I've had the box for some time and always felt that it gave a slight, but not great improvement. However, I have always thought that it was well made and...
  12. silver box under drivers seat?

    i was cleaning my fr out today and noticed a silver box under the drivers seat. Any ideas what it is?
  13. tuning box??

    Hi guys, I just need a bit of help, I have a 100bhp Ibiza and would like to tune it but do t have a lot of money to spend so i've found on the web a company called who do a tuning box for my car for £99.99. Has anyone used one of these boxes and if so are they any good...
  14. gear box number

    Hi I need to locate the gearbox number or code on my toledo tdi sport 2.0ltr.mark three 55plate. I need this has I wish to purchase a decent work shop manual. they need the number/code so they can supply me with the correct manual to suit the vehicle. or does any one know where I can get a...
  15. TDI Chip tuning box

    Hi i have a TDI 110, and have fitted a chip tuning box off ebay ! The power seem's to be up, fuel slightly down, but been having problem's. When first fitted the power was awesome, and is still good but not as much as when first fitted (may just be used to 148 BHP now) but she also...
  16. HELP *sub box * HELP

    i have got 2 10" pioneer subs and a 12" pioneer sub and want to make them into a ported sub box. dose any one know how to figure out how to get the right size's for the box or dose it not matter? cheers nick
  17. lynchy

    glove box wont close

    does anyone have a picture of how the glove box clips shut, mine sits flush but doesnt clip in. when i bought the car i was told it was because there is a cd changer in there but im sure there is a part missing. thanks
  18. English

    boot build and size of box

    i have a kicker L7 12" sub does anyone know weather it needs to be in a certain size box or if there is a minimum size to get the best out of the sub. also i am about to build a boot build for my leon does anyone have any pics or any ideas of what to do. cheers.
  19. kelvin_redcupra

    6 speed box

    hi has any 1 on here fitted a leon cupra 6 speed box to a mk3 ibiza cupra or does any 1 no if this is possible?
  20. diesel power tuning box

    hello folks need an answer soon so i can get deal, i currently have a dpt box fitted to my pumpe duse 2.0 tdi 140 leon (56 2006)... can this be used on a new common rail diesel engine or do i have to purchase a brand new box
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