1. Syphon

    CUPRA Ateca 2020 in for review - any questions?

    New arrival with us for a while for review. Any questions or specific pictures you'd like to see?
  2. Top mount cup sitting high?

    (cupra 180) what have i done wrong here? surely this cant be how they are meant to sit? recently installed Stance+ coilovers and thought id install powerflex top mounts at the same time.. the cup is sitting on top of the bushing rather than inside like i assume its meant to? thanks for any help...
  3. Newbie with a Seat Leon Cupra Mk II

    Hi all! Only recently found this site - I have bought myself a Mk 2 cupra and its fantastic. Got a couple of issues and questions I hope I can get answered on here!
  4. Lozzy15

    Lighting Fitting new Indicators in Wingmirrors

    The following is the steps I took to replace the indicators in my wing mirrors. In this case I have used Dynamic Indicators but the following steps are the same for Stock as well. Firstly turn you mirror in to face the car (I found It was also better if I pointed down as well) Picture taken...
  5. GordieC

    2007 Inferi black Leon Cupra Stage 1 *Price drop*

    For sale is my 2007 mk2 Seat Leon Cupra. I have owned this car since October 2012. MOT September 2021. Just turned 80k miles. About 80045 or so I think. I take it out now and again just to keep it from sitting for too long. During this time I have carried out the following: Revo stage 1 remap...
  6. Syphon

    New CUPRA Formentor footage

    Check out the new CUPRA Formentor in detail and on the road...
  7. Syphon

    Over 80 new high-quality photos of the MK4 CUPRA Leon added

    ST and hatchback (PHEV) pictures added to the MK4 CUPRA Leon media gallery
  8. Syphon

    2020 MK4 CUPRA Leon detail and driving videos

    Five door hatch PHEV Just processing the ST - to follow
  9. Syphon

    Syphon's MK5 SEAT Ibiza CUPRA Black 1.8T - pocket rocket

    First time I've jumped off the PCP/Leasing wagon in a long time, but as the MK4 CUPRA Leon petrol hatch has been pushed back, likely to March and I've been carless since handing my CUPRA 300 back in March this year, the wife was going to kill me if I didn't get a car and kept needing to borrow...
  10. Cupra Spoilers

    Looking at buying a spoiler lip for my 300 hatch but the one I’d like says it’ll only fit the estate, is there actually a size difference in the two spoilers or would an estate spoiler lip fot a hatch? Thanks in advance!
  11. Rain - Leon Cupra REACTS

    Rain - Leon Cupra REACTS

  12. Unboxing


  13. Rooftop


  14. Pedro.pete011

    Leon cupra Mk2 LSD, SMF and Clutch kit

    £1,600 (ONO) This kit is for a Seat Leon Cupra MK2 with a 02Q gearbox. This was purchased, but never fitted (or even taken out the box) due to personal circumstances. Its never going to be fitted so its here for sale. There is everything needed to upgrade the diff, flywheel and clutch...
  15. Car Sunset.jpg

    Car Sunset.jpg

  16. car arch.JPG

    car arch.JPG

  17. 3A360BEB-01D1-4FE1-AD5C-4C37181B157C.JPG


    Display Pic
  18. InvictusBlue

    2017 Cupra 300 without DSG farts

    Hello there, I am in love with the 2017 Cupra model. The only thing i really don't like is the DSG farts it has, as they are way too loud and i don't like that sound in general. (Do like the bangs when going off throttle though) Did anyone feel the same and had a way of only removing that DSG...
  19. Syphon

    CUPRA Formentor guide

    Syphon submitted a new resource: CUPRA Formentor guide - Model specifications, performance, colours and other options for the CUPRA Formentor. Read more about this resource...
  20. Syphon

    Model specifications CUPRA Formentor guide

    This guide will be kept up-to-date as information about the model changes over time. Introduction The CUPRA Formentor was the first "Pure CUPRA" model introduced by SEAT's spin off CUPRA brand in 2020. It is an SUV, but is also known as a CUV or Crossover Utility Vehicle, a model that sits...
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