CUPRA Formentor Offer

    Get an additional £1,000 off CUPRA Formentor if you have one of the following branded vehicles BMW MINI Alfa Romeo Jaguar Land Rover Mazda Mercedes Porsche Volvo Terms and conditions apply. Vehicle can be registered to a direct relative living at the same address and V5C must been provided as...
  2. cupra_ahhh

    Mk2 Leon Cupra FL

    Hi everyone, thinking of selling my beloved Leon Cupra. It's a metallic black, late 2009 (59), FL Leon Cupra, 43500 miles as of Feb 2021, full SEAT service history. Below is everything I can think of at the moment. It's running Stage 2 APR ECU map, installed by AmD Essex Neuspeed p-flo...
  3. Cupra 241 vs Street Copa

    Hello Guys, A Street Copa poped up for sale near me and got me thinking. It's around a grand more expensive than the normal Cupra 241 but with 285 hp it's higher tax rated. What I basically want to know, is the Street Copa worth the higher tax and price when looking @ stage 2/2+ cars...

    17 reg CUPRA 300 2.0 DSG

    Grey with 45k miles. Check out the full walk around video here...Just had a price drop to £17,964 too.
  5. Any idea what this is?

    Hi, Was hoping for some help, anyone have any idea what this part is and what it connects to??
  6. moggy13

    Leon Cupra Mk2 '07 Passenger Headlight

    Hi all, I am after the LHF Xenon headlight for a 2007 Leon Cupra,. Any help would be great thanks in advance! Cheers

    Limited Edition Leon CUPRA R ST - NOW SOLD

    Originally supplied by us this 1 owner from new Limited Edition R ST is equipped excellent options including the ABT tuning enhancement taking it to 350PS as well as a panoramic sunroof. Coupled with the carbon fibre and micro suede this really is an exceptionally spec'd Leon CUPRA. (Not being...
  8. IvoCupra4


    Hello I have Leon Cupra 4 TDI 150hp AWD and I was wondering does anyone know how much cars are produced and how rare it is? Since this car is produces only in two years 2001-2002.
  9. Res delete - Cupra 290 70plate

    Hi, I'm thinking of doing a res delete on my cupra 290 70 plate, was wondering if anyone else has done it and whats the difference or is it worth it etc? I've been quoted £80 for the res delete and if I ever do need to out it back on it'll cost £40. Anyone with lease cars that have done this...
  10. Seat Leon Cupra Spoiler

    So I've currently got a 2013 Seat Leon 1.4 FR. It doesn't have an aerodynamic pack so it doesn't have a spoiler which I've not really liked since I got the car. I've found someone breaking a 2017 Seat Leon cupra who is willing to sell me the spoiler but I'm not sure if the spoiler off of the...
  11. Mike the_cupra

    Fuel Filler Cap not opening

    Posting this here to see if anyone with a CA has had this issue, but I understand it effects other models too. A couple of weeks ago I got to the petrol station, did the pay at pump and my fuel filler cap didn't want to open. I've had the car 6 months and this was the first time. I've also had...
  12. Burger Tuning JB1 for MQB/ Ea888 gen 3 TFSI golf R / cupra/ audi S3

    burger tuning JB1 plug in performance upgrade for the MQB platform 2.0 TFSI vehicles, Golf R / Leon Cupra / Audi S3, Comes with brand new data cable which allows you to connect to your phone r laptop to change map settings or customise the tune. can post for cost
  13. Mike the_cupra

    Cupra Ateca Boot Liner

    Hi all, I may have asked this before & I've definitely asked this on facebook but as yet, no results. Has anyone found a rubber/similar boot liner for the Ateca C&S? Now it's winter especially, I really need to find one. Thanks
  14. Syphon

    Map of all UK CUPRA dealers and retail network

    Now added to the resources section. Correct as of December 2020.
  15. Syphon

    CUPRA Ateca 2020 in for review - any questions?

    New arrival with us for a while for review. Any questions or specific pictures you'd like to see?
  16. Top mount cup sitting high?

    (cupra 180) what have i done wrong here? surely this cant be how they are meant to sit? recently installed Stance+ coilovers and thought id install powerflex top mounts at the same time.. the cup is sitting on top of the bushing rather than inside like i assume its meant to? thanks for any help...
  17. Newbie with a Seat Leon Cupra Mk II

    Hi all! Only recently found this site - I have bought myself a Mk 2 cupra and its fantastic. Got a couple of issues and questions I hope I can get answered on here!
  18. Lozzy15

    Lighting Fitting new Indicators in Wingmirrors

    The following is the steps I took to replace the indicators in my wing mirrors. In this case I have used Dynamic Indicators but the following steps are the same for Stock as well. Firstly turn you mirror in to face the car (I found It was also better if I pointed down as well) Picture taken...
  19. Syphon

    New CUPRA Formentor footage

    Check out the new CUPRA Formentor in detail and on the road...
  20. Syphon

    Over 80 new high-quality photos of the MK4 CUPRA Leon added

    ST and hatchback (PHEV) pictures added to the MK4 CUPRA Leon media gallery
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