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  1. Big end conrod bearing

    Greetings, I am doing (almost) complete overhaul of my 2007/8 Cupra. I have everything ready besides big end conrod bearings. Are these the correct ones https://www.ebay.ie/itm/MAIN-SHELL-BEARINGS-KOLBENSCHMIDT-77-537-600/263308101716?hash=item3d4e62c854:g:Ox0AAOSwSQFaAxZA ? It fits way too...
  2. Any suggestions welcome

    Hey guys. I have already used the search function and cannot find the answer I am looking for. Sorry if this is quite long. I drive a seat ibiza cupra tdi 2004. When I purchased the car 2 years ago all the work had already been carried out. Hybrid turbo etc. The Engine management light...
  3. Syphon

    CUPRA Ateca Limited Edition - video playing in the Alps

    Check out the exhaust sound too (shame the music drowns it out)
  4. Cupra 280 - resonator or rear muffler (silencer) delete? Help!

    Afternoon people, Just a very quick one. I'm looking to delete my resonator or rear muffler (silencer), can someone please help me in choosing which one I should delete? I'm more leaning towards the rear muffler at the moment. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Please see attached...
  5. Coolant Issue

    Hi folks, I've got myself a 1.8tsi Ibiza Cupra. Owned it since around last October. Over time I've noticed something odd happening in the Expansion Tank. I first noticed the coolant level started to gradually drop over a few weeks, to the point it got a few CM under the min point, thought...
  6. R45HU

    Rain Water creeping through driver side door

    I have noticed recently with all the rain we have had lately that when I open the driver side door there is water always sitting at the top where the “felt” bit is fortunately it is not coming inside the car. I have checked all the other doors and they seem to be absolutely fine and dry . I have...
  7. Syphon

    First official video of the new 2020 CUPRA Leon

    Syphon submitted a new article First official video of the new 2020 CUPRA Leon Continue reading the full article
  8. PP BennyC

    First mods for your Cupra 280/290/300

    Hey all, Just a quick one from your friendly sponsor, we've been gathering lot's of feedback from our Leon Cupra customers about what their favourite and best 'bang for buck' first mods have been, here's the article we've written up on the subject with a bit of insight into how each part affects...
  9. Syphon

    Here is the new 2020 CUPRA Leon with up to 310HP

    Syphon submitted a new article Here is the new 2020 CUPRA Leon with up to 310HP Continue reading the full article
  10. Cupra 300 ST 2wd Res Delete

    Great condition, fitted for just over a year. Great sound without the drone VagSport https://progressiveparts.com/vagsport-seat-leon-cupra-300-resonator-delete-pipe-kit Version 2 which seems to be Yr 2018+ £60 pick up from derbyhire £70 inc postage (uk mainland) Also have a TMC Motorsport...
  11. Thick white smoke after decat 1.8t 20v

    I installed a 3” downpipe + decat yesterday and all was fine except I couldn’t get my lambda & 02 sensor out of the old cat. Now the car is chucking out really thick white smoke and a lot of it at idle and in 1st gear but then seems to clear after getting higher up in the gears. I’m hoping it’s...
  12. Cupra 300 - Zaustworx res delete pipe and adapter

    This replaces the mid resonator box on a Seat Cupra 300 from 2017 to early 2018. This is for the hatch back 2 wheel drive variant. It is brand new and never fitted. Its made from 304 grade stainless steel. It comes with a fitting clamp AND an extra adapter piece to accommodate larger or...
  13. Remus Catback System

    Hi All I have a Remus Catback Exhuast system for sale with chrome tips. How much do you reckon I could get for it? Only been used for just over a year. Had it on my MY18 5dr Cupra and the lease is ending so had to have it removed. Thanks
  14. Ninohaiwan

    Boost cut issue cupra 280

    Hi. I am having some issues with my Cupra 280/DSG. The car is stage 1 tuned and has a dsg tune. I took it to the tuner and they found that it cuts boost right before it hits the revlimiter and after the upshift from 1.5bar to 0.8bar and comes back again after about 1-2 seconds the tuner...
  15. coiloverspl

    KW Variant 3 MQB 55mm strut

    Hi. For sale KW V3 INOX for MQB platform. These are from 2019 They are in excellent condition. Fully working of course. Price: 1350 Euro EU Shipping possible PayPal payment possible. I give invoice.
  16. Ibiza cupra 6j bucket seats

    Howdy, I'm new to this forum and loved to read most of the topics. However, I couldn't find anything about the reason I signed up. I'm wondering whether anyone has attempted installing custom bucket seats in a mk5 ibiza cupra (6j). As I can't find the right brackets to mount the seats to the...
  17. GMAN79

    Double din lower console for sale

    Hi all Not sure if this is the right place for this thread. I have a like new double din lower centre console for sale for Seat Leon. Perfect for those of you that have changed the dashboard centre console for the double din version and lost your ashtray. As already stated, its like new. I...
  18. 1.2turd

    1.8tsi 30-70mph times

    Just wondering if anyone has figures that i can compare too. My cupra regularly done 5.3-5.5seconds 30-70mph stock. and with my CAI and exhaust its now doing 4.7 quite consistently. Ive noticed that REVO's figures are very close to mine in stock and that im 0.2 secs faster than their stage one...
  19. JackB

    Mk3 Facelift Leon Cupra 19x8 OEM Wheels - 5F0601025AC

    EDIT: These are no longer for sale as a set of 4, selling as singles - reach out if you need one.
  20. rikmarot

    2018 Leon Cupra 300 ST - Limited Carbon Edition

    Unfortunately I'm selling my beloved Leon 300 to fund some home projects, it's the 4Drive ST Limited Carbon Edition so comes with all the goodies and is 1 of only 45 cars bought into the UK!! All usual standard Cupra 300 features plus Carbon Edition extras: • Metallic Monsoon Grey • Unique 19"...
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